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Office of the University Registrar

  • Disabilities in Society

    The disabilities in society minor provides opportunities for undergraduates in all colleges to enhance their knowledge of disabilities and to recognize the impact disabilities have on the lives of people who experience them and on the people with whom they live and interact.

    About this Minor

    This minor facilitates understanding of disabilities and disability-related issues that are applicable in a variety of settings. Focus is on understanding types of disabilities, how disabilities are perceived in society, the ways people with disabilities are included in recreational, leisure, employment, educational and other community activities, and the legal aspects of disability policies.


    • Students must apply for the minor after earning 45 credits and before earning 100 credits.
    • A minimum 2.0 GPA is required and transfer credits are not accepted. All courses must be taken at UF.
    • Students must obtain college approval on the application for minor before submitting the form to G-416 Norman Hall.
    • Completion of EEX2000 or EEX3093 is a prerequisite for any of the online courses.

    Required Courses

    Courses Credits
    EEX 2000 Impact of Disabilities 3
    EEX 3093 Exceptional People in School and Society 3
    EEX 3097 Social Perspectives on Disability
    Online; summer only
    EEX 4280 Disability and Community Involvement and Employment
    Online; fall only
    EEX 4520 Disability: Legal Aspect and Policy
    Online; spring only
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