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  • Leadership

    This interdisciplinary minor, in conjunction with the successful completion of the degree program, provides the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary to assume leadership, supervisory or management positions in private companies and nonprofit organizations.

    About this Minor

    Because the minor is interdisciplinary, it draws on the expertise of faculty and staff in colleges across campus, which may include Agricultural and Life Sciences, Business Administration, Health and Human Performance, Journalism and Communications, and Liberal Arts and Sciences.

    The minor is open to all students, although admission is by application. A cumulative 3.0 GPA is necessary and the minor must be added before a student completes 90 credits. Students must earn a minimum grade of B in AEC 3414 Leadership Development to continue in the minor.

    Required Courses

    Courses Credits
    AEC 3414 Leadership Development 3
    Choose Two
    AEC 3413 Working with People: Interpersonal Leadership Skills
    AEC 4417 Leadership for Personal and Organizational Change
    AEC 4434 Communication and Leadership in Groups and Teams
    AEC 4465 Global Leadership
    FYC 4408 Organizational Leadership for Nonprofits
    Communications 3
    Ethics 3-4

    Communications: Choose One

    Courses Credits
    AEC 3030C Effective Oral Communication 3
    AEC 3033C Research and Business Writing in Agricultural and Life Sciences 3
    AEC 3073 Intercultural Communication 3
    COM 4930 Special Topics: Organizational Communication 3
    COM 4930 Special Topics: Nonverbal Communication 3
    ENC 2210 Technical Writing 3
    ​ENC 3254 Professional Communication 3​
    GEB 3213 Professional Writing in Business 3
    GEB 3218 Professional Speaking in Business 3
    MMC 4302 World Communication Systems 3
    SDS 4410 Interpersonal Communication Skills 3
    SPC 2608 Introduction to Public Speaking 3

    Ethics: Choose One

    Courses Credits
    AEB 4126 Agricultural and Natural Resource Ethics 3
    BUL 4310 The Legal Environment of Business 4
    ​FYC 4114 Ethical Issues in Family, Youth and Community Sciences ​3
    JOU 4700 Problems and Ethics of Journalism in Society 3
    PHI 2630 Contemporary Moral Issues 3
    PHI 3693 Ethics of Communication 3
    PHI 4662 Ethical Theory 1 3
    POS 3263 Policy, Ethics and Public Leadership 3
    ​RTV 4432 Ethics and Problems in Telecommunication 3​
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