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Office of the University Registrar

  • International Development and Humanitarian Assistance

    The international development and humanitarian assistance minor provides the foundational skills and knowledge necessary to contribute productively in nonprofit organizations, private businesses, and public-sector organizations involved with international development and humanitarian assistance.

    About this Minor

    The minor is open to all UF students. Students must earn minimum grades of C in AEB 4282 International Humanitarian Assistance and AEB 4283 International Developmental Policy to continue in the minor.

    Required Courses

    Courses Credits
    AEB 3671 Comparative World Agriculture 3
    ​AEB 4282 International Human Assistance ​3
    AEB 4283 International Development Policy 3

    Electives: Choose Two

    Courses Credits
    AEB 4242 International Trade Policy in Agriculture 3
    AFS 4350 HIV / AIDS in Africa 3
    ​AFS 4935 African Studies Interdisciplinary Seminar ​3
    ANT 4266 Economic Anthropology 3
    CPO 4034 Politics in Developing Nations 3
    ​FYC 4409 Working with Nonprofit Organizations in Community Settings ​3
    GEO 3502 Economic Geography 3
    ​HSC 4624 Trends in International Health ​3
    ​INR 3034 Politics of the World Economy 3​
    ​INR 4035 Rich and Poor Nations in the International System ​3
    ​LAH 3300 Contemporary Latin America ​3
    ​LAS 3930 Special Topics in Latin American Studies ​3
    ​LAS 4935 Latin American Area Seminar ​3
    ​URP 3001 Cities of the World 3​
    ​WST 3930 Gender and Development ​3
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