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Office of the University Registrar

  • Sport and Fitness Program
    College of Health and Human Performance

    Course title numbers indicate the level of skill at which instruction is directed: The number one (1) indicates beginner or novice who needs no prior experience or knowledge; emphasis is on basic skills. The number two (2) indicates intermediate level where prior instruction or experience is necessary; emphasis is on refining techniques.

    HLP 4933 Variable International Topics
    Credits: 1 to 6; can be repeated with a change in content.
    Provides students an opportunity to study in a wide range of cultural settings.
    HSC 2043 Wilderness First Responder
    Credits: 3.
    This advanced course trains people to respond to wilderness accidents, injuries and emergencies. Course emphasis is on patient assessment in remote locations. The course is designed for anyone working in or planning to pursue a career in wilderness recreation and outdoor leisure activities. Payment of required additional course fees and successful course completion results in national certifications from the American Safety and Health Institute and the American Heart Association.
    PEM 1443 Taekwondo
    Credits: 2.
    Fundamental and intermediate knowledge and skills in taekwondo. Students will improve their general physical fitness and skill performance related to taekwondo. Teaches principles, techniques, safe practices and strategies of taekwondo.
    PEN 1130 Skin Diving/Snorkeling
    Credits: 2.
    Skin diving/snorkeling in Florida waters, including snorkeling techniques, surface dives, equipment features, diver rescue, compass navigation and open-water dive preparation. Openwater dives are provided. Payment of required additional course fees and successful completion results in national certification.
    PEN 1136 Openwater Scuba Diving
    Credits: 2. Prereq: swim test.
    Beginning scuba diving including compass navigation, openwater diving environment, dive preparation and five openwater dives. Payment of required additional course fees and successful completion results in national certification as Openwater Scuba Diver.
    PEN 2138 Advanced Scuba Diving
    Credits: 2; Prereq: PEN 1136 or equivalent.
    Underwater navigation for night, low visibility, current, river and deep diving. Includes site evaluation, dive planning, equipment, medical aspects and search and recovery. Payment of required additional course fees and successful completion results in certification as advanced scuba diver. Six open water field trip dives are required.
    PEN 4135 Scuba Diving Leadership 1
    Credits: 2; Prereq: PEN 2138 or the equivalent with entrance exams (written and water skills) and medical exam with physician's approval for diving. Students must provide complete personal scuba equipment.
    Provides supervised divemaster leadership experiences, including dive control techniques and testing procedures. Payment of required additional course fees and successful completion results in certification as divemaster. Included are open water dives, evaluation, testing, equipment control procedures and dive site planning and control.
    PEO 3219 Coaching Baseball
    Credits: 2; Prereq: junior standing or above, majors only.
    The basics of infield play, outfield play, catching, pitching, offensive and defensive strategy, practice development, design of pre/during/post season conditioning programs, game control protocol, conducting tryouts, the national coaching standards, field maintenance techniques, rules of the game and pertinent legal precautions necessary in coaching baseball.
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