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Office of the University Registrar

  • Innovation Academy
    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    ENT 4015 The Venture Accelerator
    Credits: 2; Prereq: ENT 3003 or ENGR 4641.
    This course is a team-based, experiential program focused on the start-up process. It includes lectures, readings, discussions, workshops, and a team-based project. As deliverables, each team must deliver weekly lessons-learned presentations, complete business canvas updates, and prepare a final presentation.
    IDS 1353 Creativity in Context
    Credits: 2; Prereq: Admission to the Innovation Academy.
    Examines the theoretical groundwork and evolution of psychologically-based research on dimensions of the creative person, process, product and press. This foundation frames the applied learning in the course and offers the necessary background for subsequent coursework in the Innovation Academy minor.
    IDS 1359 Creativity in Action
    Credits: 2; Prereq: Admission to the Innovation Academy and IDS 1353.
    Focuses on the development of creative problem-solving strategies through completion of an innovative project. Students will and refine the proposal developed in IDS 1353, they will prototype the concept, test and refine the prototype, and complete and present the final project.
    IDS 4950 Innovation Academy Senior Project
    Credits: 2. Prereq: senior standing and enrolled in the Innovation minor.
    Using lectures, labs and a multidisciplinary team-based project approach, build life skills in creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking. Synthesize and demonstrate leadership and ethics through design and development of a team project.
    PHI 3641 Conduct, Change and Consequences: Making Ethical Decisions
    Credits: 3; Prereq; sophomore or higher standing or PHI 2010 or PHI 2100 or PHI 2630 or PHM 2204 or philosophy major or minor or innovation academy minor or instructor permission.
    Grounding in ethical theory and moral reasoning with a focus on changes at both organizational and societal levels, including, for instance, technological innovations, new business practices and legal changes. Examines the rights and responsibilities of those making such changes as well as the conditions that facilitate responsible decision making.
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