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Office of the University Registrar

  • School of Natural Resources and Environment

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    The School of Natural Resources and Environment provides interdisciplinary environmental degree programs and develops leaders with integrated thinking about natural and social systems. The school's undergraduate curriculum spans the range of human knowledge needed to solve complex environmental problems not amenable to narrowly based solutions.

    Established: 1995

    Computer Requirement: General UF requirements

    Degrees: Bachelor of Science in environmental science with specializations in environmental science and natural resource management, and a Bachelor of Arts in environmental science with specializations in environmental education, environmental policy and environmental policy and business.

    Internships and Career Guidance: The dean’s office maintains a list of potential sources of internships. The school grants course credit for internships (S-U grades, 1-3 credits, one per semester up to a maximum of three semesters) to enable maintenance of student status.

    Programs: The school operates horizontally across UF’s structure of academic disciplines, offering more than 200 courses taught in 50 departments. Faculty members from these departments are affiliated with the school.

    Scholarships: General financial aid information is available from the Office of Student Financial Affairs. Students are eligible for scholarships awarded by the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Applications are available online.

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