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  • Philosophy

    This minor allows exploration of a variety of areas in the field of philosophy, as well as complementing studies in other disciplines with a philosophically informed perspective.

    About this Minor


    • No more than six credits below the 3000 level
    • No more than three credits of independent study (PHI 3905 or PHI 4905)
    • Six transfer credits may apply toward the minor
    • A minimum of six credits of coursework exclusive to the minor that cannot count toward the major(s) or other minors

    Required Courses

    Take one course from 2 of the 4 options (6 credits), plus 9 more credits.

    Logic Option Credits
    PHI 2100 Logic or
    PHI 3130 Symbolic Logic
    History Option Credits
    PHH 3100 Ancient Greek Philosophy or
    PHH 3400 Modern Philosophy
    Metaphysics and Epistemology Option Credits
    PHI 3300 Theory of Knowledge or
    PHI 3500 Metaphysics
    Value Theory Option Credits
    PHI 3650 Moral Philosophy or
    PHM 3202 Political Philosophy
    Remaining Credits Credits
    PHH, PHI, PHM, or PHP courses, three
    2000/3000/4000 level
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