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  • East Asian Languages and Literatures

    This minor provides a solid foundation in either the Chinese or Japanese language and its cultural dimensions, with potential for use in international and other careers.

    About this Minor

    No more than three credits can be Individual Study (CHI/JPN 4905). Students must complete a minimum of six credits of coursework exclusive to the minor that cannot count toward the major(s) or other minors.

    Required Courses: Chinese

    Courses Credits
    CHI 2230 Intermediate Chinese 1, 5 credits, and
    CHI 2231 Intermediate Chinese 2, 5 credits
    CHI 2340 Chinese for Heritage Learners 1, 4 credits, and
    CHI 2341 Chinese for Heritage Learners 2, 4 credits
    Chinese language courses (3000 level or above), 6 credits
    6, 8, or 10
    CHI, CHT, or CHW courses
    3000/4000 level; must be taken at UF

    Required Courses: Japanese

    Courses Credits
    JPN 2230 Intermediate Japanese 1, 5 credits, and
    JPN 2231 Intermediate Japanese 2, 5 credits
    Japanese language courses (3000 level or above), 6 credits
    6 or 10
    JPN, JPT, or JPW courses
    3000/4000 level
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