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Office of the University Registrar

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    Political Campaigning

    Political science and non-major students may pursue undergraduate training in campaigns and elections, earning a certificate in political campaigning. The certificate is designed for students who may pursue careers in practical politics, including campaign management, lobbying, and issue advocacy.

    About this Certificate

    The online application can also be picked up from the political science office in 234 Anderson Hall.

    Required Courses

    • POS 4940 Approved Internship, 3 credits minimum
    • At least two of these four courses, 6 credits minimum

    • POS 3204 Political Behavior
    • POS 4275 Modern Political Campaigns
    • POS 4443 Political Parties and Elections
    • POS 4463 Interest Groups


    The remaining nine credits should be chosen from the preceding list or from the following, depending upon student interest and course availability. Students should choose one or both of the remaining basic courses (POS 3204 / 4275 / 4443 / 4463) as part of their electives.

    • POS 3122 State Politics
    • POS 3142 Urban Politics
    • POS 3173 Southern Politics
    • POS 3233 Public Opinion
    • POS 4291 Religion in Politics
    • POS 4931 Survey Research
    • POS 4931 Media and Politics
    • POS 4931 Money and Politics in America
    • POS 4931 Beyond the Beltway: Politics in States, Counties and Communities
    • POS 4931 Ethics in American Politics
    • PUP 3323 Women in Politics

    Students may petition the director of the political campaigning program for permission to substitute one other course for one of the courses in the electives list.

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