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Office of the University Registrar

  • Holocaust Studies

    The Holocaust studies certificate provides students from any undergraduate major with an interdisciplinary concentration that focuses on intellectual approaches to the Holocaust, other human rights catastrophes, and their representation.

    About this Certificate

    The Holocaust is the greatest crime in human history. It has spawned international libraries of historical studies, religious and philosophical treatises, social science studies in psychology and other fields, novels, poems, and films to say nothing of art, monuments, and architecture.

    In and of itself, the Holocaust is critical for an understanding of the depths of human experience through a variety of disciplines. But it also provides a way for understanding how practitioners of different disciplines, from history to anthropology to literature to film, approach the human experience through a crucial common theme.

    The certificate provides social science and humanities majors with additional background for a number of career choices ranging from the study of law to human rights work to work in NGOs to library or museum employment or even international business.

    Required Courses

    • EUH 3033 History of the Holocaust, 3 credits
    • EUH 3930/JST 3931 Holocaust Studies, 3 credits

    After taking the required courses, students must then take:

    • Six additional credits selected from suggested Holocaust-related courses in history and the social sciences
    • Six credits in Holocaust-related courses from suggested courses from literature and film.

    Course substitutions are possible at the discretion of the director of the Center for Jewish Studies.

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