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  • Landscape Architecture
    College of Design, Construction and Planning
    LAA 1920 Introduction to Landscape Architecture
    Credits: 3.
    Introduces landscape architecture, a profession defined as an art and science of planning or designing on the land-arranging and creating spaces and objects in a landscape for human use. Open to all students.
    LAA 2330 Site Analysis
    Credits: 3.
    Inventory, analysis and evaluation of site development procedures; emphasis on landscape ecology.
    LAA 2340C Landscape Architecture Rendering and Presentation
    Credits: 2; Coreq: LAA 2360 and majors only.
    Develop appropriate techniques in landscape architectural graphics, rendering and presentation formats. Covers traditional drawing types such as plan elevation section, iso, axiomatic and perspective drawing.
    LAA 2360C Principles of Landscape Architecture
    Credits: 5; Prereq: ARC 1301 and majors only; Coreq: LAA 2379C.
    Builds upon the fundamental principles of design covered in previous studios to explore a range of landscape architectural issues. Site design problems incorporating a mixture of cultural, environmental, and historical topics provide a framework for students to develop their analytical skills, communication techniques, and general understanding of design.
    LAA 2370C CAD Landform Modeling
    Credits: 3.
    Introduces two and three dimensional computer-aided design with an express understanding of land form and the principles of grading.
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    LAA 2376C Design Communications 1
    Credits: 4.
    Introduces visualization techniques via a project based studio in landscape architectural design and planning. Covers traditional drawing conventions, alternative methods of exploratory visualization and the techniques and processes used to produce these methods of communication.
    LAA 2379C Design Communications 2
    Credits: 4; Prereq: LAA 2376C.
    Advances the design communication strategies introduced in Design Communications I by further developing skills in digital visualization and communication techniques. Additionally, expanding their skill set to include advanced applications in to include landform and three dimensional space and object modeling and to be introduced to digital fabrication and three dimensional output.
    LAA 2532 Landscape Management
    Credits: 3.
    Explores the relationship between planning and design decision-making and landscape management practices which are, in turn, based on the fundamental principles of ecology and landscape ecology.
    LAA 2710 History of Landscape Architecture
    Credits: 3.
    Landscape architecture is the art and science of arranging functions and spaces within the ecology of the land and the culture of the humans who inhabit it. Surveys the history of humans as it is expressed in such diverse areas as urban form, community planning, gardens, parks and recreational areas, agricultural patterns and land management. Open to all students. (H and N)
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    LAA 3350C Site Design and Planning Studio
    Credits: 5; Prereq: LAA 2360.
    Application of basic site design principles on small-scale projects.
    LAA 3352C Planting Design Studio
    Credits: 5; Prereq: LAA 3350C and ORH 3513C; Coreq: BOT 3151C.
    The planting design studio introduces the planting design process, its relationship to the site planning, existing site conditions, project locale and client needs.
    LAA 3420 Landscape Construction 1
    Credits: 5; Prereq: LAA 2360.
    Characteristics of land form and the effects of grading on drainage, soils and location of landscape architectural elements; pavings, low retaining walls; quantification skills.
    LAA 3421 Landscape Construction 2
    Credits: 5; Prereq: LAA 3420.
    Design and construction drawings for public and private landscape structures, landscape utilities, and irrigation system layouts; specifications, takeoffs and estimating.
    LAA 4210 Landscape Architecture Professional Practice
    Credits: 4.
    Preparation for professional practice and the understanding of the business of landscape architecture in private and public arenas.
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    LAA 4230 Theories of Landscape Architecture
    Credits: 3.
    Explores the theories pertinent to the practice and study of landscape architecture. Addresses primarily aesthetic and cultural principles and values with related ecological aspects.
    LAA 4353C Urban Design Studio
    Credits: 6; Prereq: LAA 3352C.
    Design studio emphasizes the physical, social-behavioral, and civil factors involved with the design and planning of towns, cities and the public space found therein. Projects range in scale and complexity including the design of a new urban environment and/or existing urban development.
    LAA 4357 Senior Independent Project Seminar
    Credits: 2; Prereq: LAA 4353 and LAA 3421.
    Focuses on proposal writing and information gathering to support the senior independent project. (S-U)
    LAA 4358 Senior Independent Project
    Credits: 8; Prereq: completion of all previous design studios and construction courses.
    This final semester-long project expands personal interests and talents, hones decision-making abilities, and sharpens professional skills through well-rounded, comprehensive completion of individual projects. Project must be approved by the faculty.
    LAA 4359 Environmental Planning and Design Studio
    Credits: 6; Prereq: LAA 4353 and LAA 4382.
    Studio introduces decision-making and the regional scale (county-scale and larger). Builds on the principles and technologies introduced in LAA 4382 as well as all the previous design studios.
    LAA 4362 Design Communications for Landscape Architects
    Credits: 4; Prereq: Advanced standing in the program and/or instructor permission.
    Immersive experience in visualization techniques in landscape architectural design and planning. Covers traditional drawing conventions (plan, section/elevation & perspective) and builds skills in digital communication and visualization methods.
    LAA 4450 Landscape Architecture Design Implementation
    Credits: 5; Prereq: LAA 3420 and LAA 3421.
    Integration of the principles of construction with design. A combination of lecture and studio complements instruction in the design studio class. Students complete a full set of construction documents to support their design concept prepared in the beginning of the course.
    LAA 4905 Special Studies in Landscape Architecture
    Credits: 1 to 6; can be repeated with a change in content up to 6 credits. Prereq: instructor permission.
    Studio investigations of topics in landscape architecture adjusted to individual needs of advanced undergraduate and graduate students.
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    LAA 4933C Topics in European Design
    Credits: 4; Coreq: LAA 4952C.
    The history of Europe, its urban forms and spaces and the cultural values expressed through landscape types. Discussions and research on European history and its correlation to the ecological base of the city studied contribute to an understanding of the city's unique urban form.
    LAA 4935 Gardens of the World
    Credits: 3.
    An assessment and discussion of works of landscape architecture with emphasis on user evaluation, design trends and research directions. Open to all majors. (H and N)
    LAA 4940 Landscape Architecture Internship
    Credits: 3; can be repeated with a change in content up to 6 credits.
    Internship in a private/public sector office under the direction of a registered landscape architect; required for graduation. (S-U)
    LAA 4941C Extended Internship with Landscape Architect
    Credits: 9; Coreq: LAA 4940.
    Internship in a private/public sector office under the direction of a registered landscape architect. (S-U)
    LAA 4952C European Landscape Architecture Studio
    Credits: 5; Coreq: LAA 4933.
    As one of several options, students are encouraged to participate in the landscape architectural design studios at the university's facility in Paris, France. Studio covers classical and ecological design methodologies as represented in Europe and utilizes Paris and vicinities as case studies. Extensive guided and independent travel is expected, touring landscape architectural sites in France and other European countries.
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