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Office of the University Registrar

  • Engineering
    Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering
    CGS 2531 Problem Solving Using Computer Software
    Credits: 3.
    Problem-solving introduction and thorough exploration of word processing, spreadsheet management, data analysis, graphical display of data, and multimedia presentations. The problem-solving approach also aids students in their specific majors through software applications requiring major-specific professional communication skills in written, graphical, and presentation forms. (M)
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    EGN 4641 Engineering Entrepreneurship
    Credits: 3; Prereq: junior or senior standing.
    Engineering Entrepreneurship introduces engineering students to the concepts and practices of technological entrepreneurial thinking and entrepreneurship. Using lectures, case studies, business plans and student presentations, the course teaches life skills in entrepreneurial thought and action that students can utilize when starting technology companies or executing research and development projects in large companies.
    EGN 4643 Engineering Innovation
    Credits: 3; Prereq: junior or senior standing.
    Engineering Innovation introduces students to the concepts of innovative thinking and innovation practices. Using lectures, case studies, team exercises and guest speakers, the course teaches life skills in innovative thought and action that students can use in careers ranging from starting companies to executing research and development projects in large companies.
    EGN 4912 Engineering Directed Independent Research
    Credits: 0 to 3; can be repeated with a change in content up to 12 credits.
    ​Provides firsthand, supervised research with a faculty advisor or postdoctoral or graduate student mentor. Projects may involve inquiry, design, investigation, scholarship, discovery or application. (S-U)
    EGN 4932 Special Topics
    Credits: 1 to 4.
    Covers selected, rotating topics in engineering.
    EGN 4940 NSF Fellowship Preparation
    Credits: 1.
    Overview of fellowship preparation pertaining to intellectual merit and broader impacts.
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    EGS 1006 Introduction to Engineering
    Credits: 1.
    Introduces the 11 departments that offer undergraduate degrees at UF. Students break into groups of 20, rotating weekly through each department. During these visits, students participate in hands-on experiments to help them make informed decisions about career alternatives.
    EGS 4034 Professional Ethics
    Credits: 1; Prereq: junior level standing.
    Provides students with an interactive study of ethical, theory and the development of professionalism. Students review case studies of ethical conflicts in engineering practice. Course covers engineering codes of ethics and requires students to resolve theoretical situations through application of ethical codes.
    EGS 4038 Engineering Leadership
    Credits: 3; Prereq: junior or senior standing.
    Engineering Leadership introduces engineering graduate students to the concepts, theory and practice of engineering leadership; effective written and oral communications and presentations; engineering leadership characteristics, individual differences and self-awareness; developing and building teams; managing change, conflicts, and crises; and understanding real-world ethics and core values.
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