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Office of the University Registrar

  • Advertising
    College of Journalism and Communications
    Students who have not been admitted to the College of Journalism and Communications must have a 3.0 overall grade point average to enroll in other than the following courses: MMC 2100, PUR 3000, RTV 2100.
    ADV 3001 Advertising Strategy
    Credits: 3; Prereq: 3JM ADV; minimum grades of C in MAR 3023, MMC 2100 and ADV 3008.
    A study of the theoretical foundations and the process of developing advertising and promotional strategy; methods of utilizing research data for developing and evaluating advertising strategy.
    ADV 3008 Principles of Advertising
    Credits: 3; Prereq: sophomore standing.
    The role of advertising in a free economy and its place in the media of mass communications. A study of advertising appeals, product and market research, selection of media, testing of advertising effectiveness and organization of the advertising profession.
    ADV 3302 Great Ideas in Marketplace Communications
    Credits: 3; Prereq: ADV 3008.
    Focuses on two aspects of strategic communications. First: creating, developing and producing advertising and promotional content for real live case studies. Second: evaluating topical issues and industry innovation in media content innovation.
    ADV 3500 Advertising Research
    Credits: 3; Prereq: 3JM ADV; STA 2023; minimum grades of C in ADV 3008, MAR 3023 and MMC 2100.
    The acquisition, evaluation and analysis of information for advertising decisions. Emphasis on understanding the scientific method, developing explicit and measurable research objectives, selecting appropriate methodologies and analyzing data.
    ADV 3502 Advertising Sales
    Credits: 3; Prereq: 3JM ADV; minimum grades of C or better in MMC 2100, MAR 3023 and ADV 3008.
    Principles of selling media time and space to advertisers. An overview of sales opportunities and challenges in the various advertising media. How to prepare and deliver effective sales presentations.
    ADV 4101 Copywriting and Visualization
    Credits: 3; Prereq: 3JM ADV; minimum grades of C or better in MMC 2100, ADV 3001 and VIC 3001; Coreq: ADV 3500.
    Application of creative strategy for print and electronic media. Requires preparation of advertisements including rough layouts and storyboards.
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    ADV 4102 Advanced Copywriting
    Credits: 3; Prereq: 4JM ADV; minimum grade of B in ADV 4101.
    Advanced course in the application of creative strategy for print and electronic media requiring preparation of advertisements. Emphasis placed on research, planning, development of creative concepts, writing and design.
    ADV 4200 Advertising Graphics and Production
    Credits: 3; Prereq: 3JM ADV; minimum grades of C in ADV 3008 and VIC 3001.
    Designed to acquaint students with print production techniques. Emphasis is placed on techniques related to the advertising business. Lectures review specific uses of design, typography and print production with lab sessions dedicated to practicing layout and production techniques.
    ADV 4300 Media Planning
    Credits: 3; Prereq: 3JM ADV; minimum grades of C in ADV 3001 and ADV 3500.
    Designed to acquaint students with the problems, techniques and strategies of buying advertising space and time effectively and economically in newspapers, magazines, radio, television and outdoor media.
    ADV 4400 International and Cross Cultural Advertising
    Credits: 3; Prereq: minimum grade of C in ADV 3008.
    Major concepts and issues in international and cross cultural advertising campaign planning including primary and secondary research to assess environmental situations, setting objectives, budgeting, media, creative, ethics and social responsibility.
    ADV 4401 Direct Response Advertising and Sales Promotion Writing
    Credits: 3; Prereq: 3JM ADV; Coreq: ADV 4101.
    The strategy, planning and creative considerations that precede and guide the writing and preparation of direct response advertising and sales promotion activities. Strategic use of traditional mass media, interactive media and telemarketing as sales promotion vehicles and to achieve direct response.
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    ADV 4700 Retail Advertising
    Credits: 3; Prereq: 3JM ADV; minimum grade of C in ADV 4101.
    A survey of retail advertising, including co-op and collateral materials. Brings together work of preceding advertising courses, including application of creative strategy in print and electronic media for retail advertising, budgeting and planning.
    ADV 4800 Advertising Campaigns
    Credits: 3; Prereq: 4JM ADV; minimum grades of C or better in ADV 4101 and ADV 4300.
    An advanced advertising course requiring the student to prepare and produce a complete general advertising campaign. Emphasis is placed on production methods, costs, research and media analysis.
    ADV 4905 Individual Problems
    Credits: 1 to 3; Prereq: 3JM ADV; at least 10 credits of 3000/4000-level advertising courses and department permission.
    The student and instructor will choose a problem or project which provides the student experience in his or her major field.
    ADV 4910 Advertising Undergraduate Research
    Credits: 0 to 3; can be repeated with change in content for up to 6 credits. Prereq: minimum grade of C in ADV 3500.
    Mentored but self-directed work enables individuals or small groups to explore an issue of interest to them and to communicate their results to others. Depending on the topic, projects may involve inquiry, design, investigation, scholarship, discovery, or application. (S-U)
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    ADV 4930 Special Study in Advertising
    Credits: 2 to 3; can be repeated once with change in content. Prereq: 3JM ADV.
    Variable advertising-related topics not covered in other advertising courses.
    ADV 4931 Seminar: Ethics and Problems in Advertising
    Credits: 2; Prereq: 3JM ADV; minimum grade of C in ADV 3001.
    Major concepts and issues in the effects of advertising on society, culture and the economy with emphasis on ethical systems and ethical decision making.
    ADV 4940 Advertising Internship
    Credits: 1 to 4; Prereq: 3JM ADV; 2.80 minimum professional GPA; minimum grades of C in ADV 3008, MAR 3023 and MMC 2100; one completed advertising-related course as needed; and department permission.
    Student will select a work area related to the field of advertising for on-the-job training under on-site supervision. Student will work a minimum of 100 credits for each credit. Weekly progress reports, summary report and supervisor's evaluation are required. ADV 4940 credit will not be awarded for prior experience or for current responsibilities of a professional position. (S-U)
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    MMC 2100 Writing for Mass Communication
    Credits: 3; Prereq: 6 credits of English and a JM designation.
    A preprofessional course designed to provide fundamental instruction and practice in writing as a basis for upper-division courses in advertising, journalism and public relations. Stresses the basic similarities in writing for all mass media. (WR)
    MMC 3203 Ethics and Problems in Mass Communications
    Credits: 3; Prereq: 2JM designation and ADV 3008, MMC 1009, MMC 2604, PUR 3000 or RTV 3001 with minimum grade of C.
    A cross-disciplinary introduction to ethics-relevant situations faced by media professionals. Topics include professional standards of conduct, audience representation and engagement and issues associated with the production, presentation and delivery of messages that reflect the best interests of audiences, clients and stakeholders.
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