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Office of the University Registrar

  • Construction Management

    The construction management certificate is intended for seniors enrolled in construction-related programs (e.g., civil engineering) in universities other than UF wherein students spend one semester at UF completing four construction management courses.

    About this Certificate


    • A senior enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in a construction-related field (e.g., civil engineering) reviewed and approved by the school's faculty.
    • Demonstrated English communication skills.
    • Students from non-exempt countries must demonstrate proficiency in English by providing TOEFL or TSE scores.

    Required Courses

    Students will be awarded the certificate if they complete four of the following upper-division construction management courses with a combined GPA of 2.5 or better and a 2.0 or better in each course:

    • BCN 3224C Construction Techniques, 3 credits
    • BCN 3240C Equipment and Methods for Heavy/Highway Construction, 3 credits, or
      BCN 5784 Equipment and Methods for Heavy/Highway Construction, 3 credits
    • BCN 3255C Graphic Communication in Construction, 3 credits
    • BCN 3730 Construction Safety, Health and Environment, 3 credits, or
      BCN 5737 Advanced Issues in Construction Safety and Health, 3 credits
    • BCN 3611C Construction Estimating 1, 3 credits, or
      BCN 5618C Comprehensive Estimating, 3 credits
    • BCN 4709C Construction Project Management, 3 credits, or
      BCN 5705C Construction Project Management, 3 credits
    • BCN 4720 Construction Planning, 3 credits, or
      BCN 5722 Advanced Construction Planning and Control, 3 credits
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