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    Music in Medicine

    The Center for Arts in Medicine, in conjunction with the School of Music, offers this certificate as an opportunity for students to explore the intersections between music and health and professional opportunities for engaging both disciplines.

    About this Certificate

    The certificate recognizes special competency and achievement related to research and practical application of music in healthcare and health-related settings. Students who complete the requirements for the certificate gain unique life experience and capabilities. This certificate, recognizing these special skills, can serve as a credential for developing post-baccalaureate educational pathways and career options.

    Requirements and Prerequisites

    To qualify for the music in medicine certificate, the student must attain a 3.0 average in all courses included in the certificate curriculum. Students must demonstrate a minimum intermediate level proficiency on their primary instrument, as demonstrated by completion of or enrollment in a 2000 level studio course and an audition. To qualify for the certificate, students must be current UF students and attain a 3.0 average in all courses included in the certificate curriculum within 6 months of graduation.

    Students should apply by their junior year and schedule an initial meeting to discuss requirements.

    Required Courses

    • HUM 2592: Introduction to Arts in Medicine in a Global Context, 3 credits
    • IDH 3931: Music and Health, 3 credits
    • MUN 1000/3000: Music ensemble, 3 credits
    • HUM 3940L: Arts in Healthcare Practicum 1, 2 credits
    • HUM 4594: Music in Medicine Capstone, 1 credit
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