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    The School of Art and Art History (SAAH) certificate program enables students with a major outside of the visual arts to take a series of classes within the studio arts where clay is used as the art material. Classes expose students to art-making practices within the field of ceramics, develop manual skills in clay forming, increase visual understanding of content in art and enable the student to explore personal decision-making and creative problem-solving in art-making.

    About this Certificate

    • College: Arts
    • Credits: 18-21
    • Contact:
      • General Information: Email
      • Contact, Portfolios, and Coursework: Email or Email

    The certificate is awarded by the SAAH to acknowledge a concentration in ceramics within a student's external major and general course of study. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the certificate program. Students will be admitted based on a portfolio review by faculty in the ceramics.

    The coursework includes 4-5 sequenced ceramics classes plus a required course in art theory and art fundamentals. Students will leave the program with the ability to throw on the potter's wheel, model and carve. They also will have developed skills in hand-forming processes and gained knowledge of glaze application techniques and kiln firing methods.

    Required Courses

    Select three credits

    • ARH 2002 Introduction to Art: The Artistic Experience, 3 credits, or
    • ARH 2050 Art History 1, 3 credits, or
    • ARH 2051 Art History 2, 3 credits, or
    • ARH 2500 Non-Western Art History , 3 credits

    Select six credits

    • ART 2305C Perceptual Drawing, 3 credits, and
    • ART 2757C Ceramics 3D Concepts, 3 credits

    Select six credits

    • ART 2704C Ceramic Figure Sculpture, 3 credits, and
    • ART 2752C Throwing: Skills and Concepts, 3 credits

    Select three-to-six credits

    • ART 3762C Vessel Aesthetic 1 (offered fall only), 3 credits, or
    • ART 3764C Ceramic Sculpture 1 (offered fall only), 3 credits, or
    • ART 3768C Ceramic Sculpture 2 (offered spring only), 3 credits, or
    • ART 3784C Vessel Aesthetic 2 (offered spring only), 3 credits
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