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Office of the University Registrar

  • Speech and Hearing Sciences

    Credits: 24

    Provides a specialized credential in audiology or speech language pathology which could be used to apply for graduate work in audiology or speech language pathology; also helps meet the academic requirements for licensure as an audiology assistant or a speech-language pathology assistant. It provides an understanding of the fundamentals of speech and hearing as well as an introduction to speech, language and hearing disorders.

    Admission Requirements

    There are two paths to program admission.

    Postbaccalaureate Students:

    • A bachelor’s degree with a 2.7 GPA or better.
    • A phonetics course is required but may be taken concurrently while in the certificate program.

    Current Undergraduate Students outside the Department of Speech Language and Hearing Science:

    • In good standing at UF
    • A 2.7 GPA or better
    • A course in phonetics

    Required Courses

    • SPA 3011 Speech Acoustics, 3 credits
    • SPA 3032 Fundamentals of Hearing, 3 credits
    • SPA 3101 Speech Anatomy and Physiology, 3 credits
    • SPA 4004 Language Development, 3 credits
    • SPA 4104 Neural Basis of Communication, 3 credits

    Additional Courses: choose three

    • SPA 4250 Introduction to Speech Disorders, 3 credits
    • SPA 4302 Audiometry and Hearing Disorders, 3 credits
    • SPA 4321 Audiologic Rehabilitation, 3 credits
    • SPA 4400 Introduction to Language Disorders, 3 credits
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