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Office of the University Registrar

  • English

    Credits: 15 minimum, completed with minimum grades of C and no optional S-U

    • Only one course with the number ENG 4905 Independent Study can apply, unless an exception is approved by the undergraduate studies coordinator
    • Of 3000-level courses with an ENC prefix, only ENC 3250, ENC 3310, ENC 3312 and ENC 3414 apply to the English minor
    • Students must complete a minimum six credits of coursework exclusive to the minor that cannot count toward the major(s) or other minors.

    Required Courses

    Five courses at the 3000/4000 level, three of which must be completed at UF.

    Courses Credits
    Only these prefixes will apply:
    AML  American Literature
    CRW  Creative Writing
    ENC  English Composition
    ENG  English
    ENL  English Literature
    LIT  Literature
    Other courses that apply to the minor:
    LIN 3010 Introduction to Linguistics, 3 credits
    SPC 3605 Speech Writing, 3 credits
    SPC 4680 Rhetorical Criticism, 3 credits

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