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    Meteorology and Climatology

    Credits: 12, completed with minimum grades of B- in each course

    Provides a working knowledge of atmospheric processes across spatial and temporal scales. This certificate is applicable to many disciplines in the physical sciences and enables students to supplement their majors with an understanding and awareness of the societal impacts of natural hazards and climate change. The program is open to all UF undergraduates in on-campus majors.

    Students take one introductory course, one-to-two intermediate courses, and one-to-two advanced courses for a minimum of 12 credits.

    ‚ÄčIntroductory Course: choose one

    • GEO 2242 Extreme Weather, 3 credits
    • MET 1010 Introduction to Weather and Climate, 3 credits

    Intermediate Course(s): choose one or two

    • GEO 3250 Climatology, 3 credits
    • GEO 3280 Principles of Geographic Hydrology, 4 credits
    • GEO 3341 Extreme Floods, 3 credits
    • GLY 3074 Oceans and Global Climate Change, 3 credits
    • MET 3503 Weather and Forecasting, 3 credits

    Advanced Course(s): choose one or two

    • MET 4532 Hurricanes, 3 credits
    • MET 4560 Atmospheric Teleconnections, 3 credits
    • MET 4750 Atmospheric Data Analysis, 3 credits

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