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  • Precision Agriculture

    Credits: 15, completed with minimum grades of C

    The precision agriculture minor is a multidisciplinary minor. Students use satellite imagery, aerial photography, field sensors and the Global Positioning System to acquire information about field conditions. This information is organized and analyzed using a digital mapping system called Geographical Information System. After being analyzed, these data can help make effective management decisions.

    Required Courses

    Courses Credits
    AOM 4434 Precision Agriculture (take this course first) 3
    AOM 4455 Agricultural Operations and Systems 3

    Remote Sensing: choose one

    Courses Credits
    AOM 5431 GIS and Remote Sensing in Agriculture and Natural Resources 3
    SUR 3331 Photogrammetry 3
    SUR 4380 Remote Sensing 3
    SUR 5385 Remote Sensing Applications 3

    Geographic Information Systems: choose one

    Courses Credits
    EES 4027 Spatial Analysis Using Geographic Information Systems 3
    FOR 3434C Forest Resources Information Systems 2
    GIS 3043 Foundations of Geographic Information Systems 3
    SUR 3393 Geographic Information Systems 3
    SUR 5365 Digital Mapping 3
    URP 4273 Survey of Planning Information Systems 3

    Crop Management and Field Techniques: choose one

    Courses Credits
    AGR 4214C Applied Field Crop Production 3
    AGR 4231C Forage Science and Range Management 3
    ENV 4042 Environmental Data Analysis 3
    FAS 4305 Introduction to Fishery Science 3
    FNR 3410C Natural Resource Sampling 4
    FNR 4623C Integrated Natural Resource Management 3
    FRC 3212 Introduction to Citrus Culture and Production 3
    GEO 3162 Introduction to Quantitative Analysis for Geographers 3
    IPM 3022 Fundamentals of Pest Management 3
    PLP 3103C Control of Plant Diseases 3
    PLS 3004C Principles of Plant Science​ 3​
    PLS 4601C Principles of Weed Science 3
    PLS 4613 Aquatic Weed Control 3
    SWS 3023L Soil Judging 2
    SWS 4231C Soils and Land Use 3
    SWS 4715C Environmental Pedology 4
    STA 4222 Sample Survey Design 3
    SUR 3520 Measurement Science 3
    WIS 4945C Wildlife Techniques 2

    Additional Information

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