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Office of the University Registrar

  • Food Science

    Credits: 15, completed with minimum grades of C and a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA in the minor

    This minor is open to all students at the university. Courses for the minor can have prerequisites.

    Suggested Courses

    More suitable for students with minimal science backgrounds.

    Courses Credits
    FOS 2001 Man's Food 3
    FOS 3042 Introductory Food Science 3
    FOS 4202 Food Safety and Sanitation 2
    FOS 4722C Quality Control in Food Systems 3
    FOS 4731 Government Regulations and the Food Industry 2
    FOS 4936 HAACP Systems 2

    Optional Courses

    More suitable for students with extensive science backgrounds.

    Courses Credits
    AOM 4062 Principles of Food Engineering 4
    FOS 4222 Food Microbiology 3
    FOS 4222L Food Microbiology Laboratory 2
    FOS 4311 Food Chemistry 3
    FOS 4311L Food Chemistry Laboratory 1
    FOS 4321C Food Analysis 4
    FOS 4427C Principles of Food Processing 4
    FOS 4522C Seafood Technology 3
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