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Office of the University Registrar

  • Medical Entomology

    Credits: 15, completed with minimum grades of C

    Offers place-bound employees working in mosquito control, public health and related areas who required advanced training on medically important arthropods the option to complete a program through distance education and short courses. Coursework provides training in the areas of medically important arthropod biology, identification, and management for disease vectors.

    Required before taking other entomology courses in the certificate program:

    • ENY 3005 and ENY 3005L Principles of Entomology and Laboratory
    • ENY 4660 and ENY 4660L Medical and Veterinary Entomology and Laboratory

    Required Courses

    • ENY 3005 and ENY 3005L Principles of Entomology, 2 credits, and Laboratory, 1 credit
    • ENY 4660 and ENY 4660L Medical and Veterinary Entomology, 2 credits, and the ENY 4660L laboratory, 1 credit
    • ENY 4590C Mosquito Identification, 3 credits
    • ENY 4592 Mosquito Biology, 3 credits
    • Select 3 additional credits from the following:
      • ENY 3225C Principles of Urban Pest Management, 3 credits
      • ENY 3563 Introduction to Tropical Entomology, 3 credits
      • ENY 4210 Insects and Wildlife, 3 credits
      • ENY 4905 Blood Feeding Insects, 1 credit
      • ENY 4905 Mosquito Management, 1 credit
      • ENY 5236 Insect Pest and Vector Management, 3 credits

    Contact: Dr. John Capinera at 352.273.3905;‚Äč

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