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Office of the University Registrar

  • Environmental Science

    Credits: 15-17, completed with minimum grades of C

    Intended for majors in science, engineering or business, this minor requires exposure to the major subject areas of the environmental core. Students outside the School of Natural Resources and Environment can apply for admission to the minor.

    Students must earn 45 credits before they can apply to the minor. The application is available in 2002 McCarty Hall D. Students first must obtain their college's approval before submitting the completed form for processing.

    Transfer work will be accepted only for PCB 4043C and an earth and soil systems course (refer to core requirements for the major). Admission consideration requires a minimum overall 2.0 GPA on all UF coursework attempted.

    Required Courses (contact environmental science advisor to register)

    Courses Credits
    EVS 3000 Environmental Science 3
    EVS 3000L Environmental Science Laboratory 1​

    Ecology: choose one

    Courses Credits
    ALS 3153 Agricultural Ecology 3
    EES 4103 Applied Ecology (GE-B) 2
    FOR 3153C Forest Ecology (GE-B) 3
    PCB 3601C Plant Ecology 3
    PCB 4043C General Ecology (GE-B) 4

    Subject Areas: choose one course from three of the five areas

    Courses Credits
    Environmental Ethics
    AEB 4126 Agricultural and Natural Resource Ethics (GE-H, S)​ 3​
    PHM 3032 Ethics and Ecology (GE-H)​ 3​
    POT 3503 Environmental Ethics and Politics​ 3​
    REL 2104 Environmental Ethics (GE-H)​ 3​
    REL 3492 Religion Ethics and Nature (H)​ 3​
    Organic Chemistry
    BCH 3023 Elementary Organic and Biological Chemistry​ 3​
    CHM 2200 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry​ 3​
    EES 4203 Phase Partitioning in the Environment​ 4​
    Earth and Soil Science
    GEO 2200 and 2200L Physical Geography (3) and Laboratory (1) (both GE-P)​ 4​
    GLY 1000 Exploring the Geological Sciences (GE-P)​ 3​
    GLY 2010C Physical Geology (GE-P)​ 4​
    GLY 2030C Environmental and Engineering Geology (GE-P)​ 3​
    GLY 2100C Historical Geology (GE-P)​ 4​
    SWS 3022 and 3022L Introduction to Soils in the Environment (3) and Laboratory (1)
    (both GE-P)​
    SWS 4231C Soil, Water and Land Use (GE-P)
    Does not satisfy the requirement for a course from the other group
    Environmental Policy
    AEB 4123 Agricultural and Natural Resource Law​ 3​
    AEB 3450 Introduction to Natural Resource and Environmental Economics​ 3​
    AEB 4274 Natural Resource and Environmental Policy​ 3​
    AEB 4283 International Development Policy (GE-S)​ 3​
    ECP 3302 Environmental Economics and Resource Policy​ 4​
    FNR 4660 Natural Resource Policy and Economics 3​
    INR 3034 Politics of the World Economy​ 3​
    INR 3502 International Institutions (GE-S, N)​ 3​
    POS 4931 Florida Environmental Politics​ 3​
    PUP 3204 Politics and Ecology (GE-S)​ 3​
    PUP 4021 Law, Politics and Regulation (GE-S)​ 3​
    Natural Resource Management
    AGG 3501 Environment, Food and Society​ 3​
    AOM 3732 Agricultural Water Management​ 3​
    EES 3008 Energy and Environment​ 3​
    FAS 4305C Introduction to Fishery Science​ 3​
    FOR 3004 Forests, Conservation and People​ 3​
    FOR 3200C Foundations in Forest Resources and Conservation​ 3​
    FOR 4621 Forest Economics and Management (GE-P)​ 3​
    LEI 3546 Park Management​ 3​
    PLS 3004C Principles of Plant Science​​ 3​
    SWS 4231C Soil, Water and Land Use (GE-P)
    Does not satisfy the requirement for a course from the other group
    SWS 4932 Forest and Soil Ecosystem Services​ 3​
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