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Office of the University Registrar

  • Combined-Degree Programs

    Combined-Degree Programs, by Major Combined-Degree Program Admission, by College

    UF has developed a program for undergraduate students that allows those who qualify academically to obtain both a bachelor’s and master’s degree. Minimum qualifications for many programs include a 3.2 GPA and a competitive GRE score for admission to​ Graduate School.

    Combined-degree programs allow you to get a head start on your graduate education by taking graduate courses throughout the junior and senior undergraduate years. In most programs, 12 credit hours of graduate work will also count toward an undergraduate degree, thus reducing the time it takes to get both degrees. Consult your department advisers to determine whether the department offers combined-degree programs and whether they qualify.

    There are a number of financial considerations you should keep in mind. You are responsible for paying the difference between undergraduate and graduate tuitions. Florida Prepaid College Tuition Program participants will receive funding for the first 120 credit hours. The program will fund graduate courses taken toward the undergraduate degree at the undergraduate level. Financial aid may be available to assist with the graduate degree portion of the program.

    Advantages of Combined Degrees

    • Qualified students can obtain an undergraduate and a graduate degree in much less time than two separate degrees.
    • The cost of both degrees is reduced, since at least 12 credits apply toward both degrees.
    • You have time to decide whether to pursue further graduate or professional study.
    • Your marketability is greatly enhanced; many professions now require a master’s degree for entry-level positions.
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    How to Apply

    Meet with an academic adviser to determine the most-appropriate combined-degree option. Qualified students can pursue the graduate degree outside the undergraduate major or department. Application normally occurs in the junior or senior year. If accepted, you must take the GRE the first semester of your senior year.

    Financial aid is available for the graduate portion of the program. Undergraduate degree costs should be satisfied with existing financial aid such as Bright Futures and Prepaid Tuition. Bright Futures can cover the undergraduate costs of up to 12 hours of graduate courses that apply to the undergraduate degree. You are responsible for the difference in tuition between the undergraduate and graduate course rates. If available, the Florida Prepaid Tuition Program can fund the first 120 hours. Graduate courses that apply toward the undergraduate degree are funded at the undergraduate rate, and you are responsible for the difference.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is a combined bachelor's and master's degree program?
    A: A combined-degree program allows you to complete a specific number of graduate-level credits (typically ranging from 12 to 21 hours of approved coursework) while enrolled as an undergraduate. Approved hours satisfy degree requirements for both degrees.

    Q: Why should I participate in a combined-degree program?
    A: The program allows you to take graduate coursework before you make a decision to complete a graduate degree. If you continue in a graduate program, you'll save at least one full semester of graduate enrollment.

    Q: At what point in the undergraduate program should I apply?
    A: You can apply as early as the second semester of your sophomore year or as late as your senior year depending upon the combined-degree program.

    Q: At what point do I enroll in graduate courses?
    A: If approved, you can take graduate courses during your junior and senior years as specified by the particular combined-degree program.

    Q: What is required for approval?
    A: As an undergraduate applying for entry into a combined-degree program you must have a minimum cumulative 3.2 UF GPA (some majors require a higher GPA) and have completed all critical-tracking requirements to enroll in graduate coursework while you are completing your undergraduate degree. Once you apply for admission to the Graduate School, however, you must meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirement and GRE/GMAT score the particular master’ program requires.

    Q: What is required so that 12 to 21 hours of graduate coursework (depending on your major) can also count toward my master's degree?
    A: To apply the graduate credit to both degrees, you must be admitted to the Graduate School and receive a grade of B or higher in each course. A graduate coordinator can provide the admission requirements for a particular department.

    Q: If I do not continue in graduate school, can the graduate coursework I complete still be used to satisfy my undergraduate degree requirements?
    A: Yes.

    Q: What about my financial aid?
    A: Bright Futures and/or the Florida Prepaid Tuition Program will pay the undergraduate tuition rate for the graduate courses you take; you will have to pay the difference between undergraduate and graduate course costs.

    Q: Why would I want to pay additional tuition to enroll in graduate courses?
    A: If you continue to graduate school you will save on the tuition costs for the 12 to 21 graduate credits (depending on your major) you take while you are still classified as an undergraduate. Remember that graduate course costs will be partially paid by your undergraduate financial aid.

    Q: How do I apply?
    A: Contact your undergraduate adviser and complete the combined degree application. You will need the approval of the undergraduate coordinator, the graduate coordinator and the dean’s office of your undergraduate college.

    Q: What if I want to create my own combined-degree program? What do I do?
    A: Contact the coordinator in the graduate department in which you want to create the new combined-degree program.

    Q: Are there other accelerated degree programs available other than combined degrees?
    A: Yes, there are several accelerated degree programs available. Please review the accelerated degree programs page in this catalog.

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