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Office of the University Registrar

  • Psychology, Bachelor of Arts (UF Online)

    Psychology is the science of human and animal behavior. Psychology majors receive a broad science-based liberal arts education. As a result, those with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology are widely sought in business, education and certain mental health fields. For a professional career in psychology, a graduate degree is needed.

    About This Major


    The psychology curriculum provides a strong background to pursue careers in psychology, business, education or health-related fields. The curriculum emphasizes the principles and applications of psychological knowledge, both as a natural science and as a social science. The B.A. in psychology requires courses in four core areas within the discipline as well as elective psychology courses.

    For more information contact or refer to the department website.

    Coursework for the Major

    A B.A. in psychology consists of a minimum of 30 credits in psychology plus related coursework in biological science, mathematics and statistics. At least 18 of the 30 credits must be taken at UF, and at least 24 of the 30 credits must be at the 3000-level or above. Courses used toward the major must be earned with minimum grades of C.

    Required Coursework

    • 3 credits, introductory level: PSY 2012 General Psychology (or equivalent, such as a general psychology course taken elsewhere or credit by exam for PSY 2012 via AP, IB or AICE).
    • 12 credits, foundation level core: each of the four foundation areas is an introduction to a substantive area of psychology: biological bases of behavior and mental processes; developmental changes across the lifespan; learning and cognition; and sociocultural (individual differences) approaches and influences. Students must choose at least one course from each area:
      • Biological Bases: CBH 3003 Comparative Psychology, EXP 3104 Sensory Processes, PSB 3002 Physiological Psychology or PSB 3340 Behavioral Neuroscience *
        * Students cannot take both PSB 3002 and PSB 3340.
      • Developmental Changes: DEP 3053 Developmental Psychology
      • Learning and Cognition: EAB 3002 Principles of Behavior Analysis, EAB 3764 Applied Behavior Analysis or EXP 3604 Cognitive Psychology
      • Sociocultural / Individual Differences Approaches: CLP 3144 Abnormal Psychology, PPE 3003 Psychology of Personality or SOP 3004 Social Psychology
    • Laboratory course, 3 credits: PSY 3213L Laboratory Methods in Psychology
    • Additional psychology courses, 12 credits: Students must choose 3000/4000-level psychology courses to meet the 30-hour minimum requirement (with the exception that three credits of 2000-level courses may count toward this requirement). In addition, up to six credits of individual work courses will count toward the 30-hour minimum requirement.

    Students who wish to transfer courses in psychology toward the major must see an adviser in the department for approval.

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    Related Coursework

    Statistics: STA 2023 Introduction to Statistics 1 is required. STA 2023 is a prerequisite for some 4000-level psychology courses.

    Mathematics: Proficiency through precalculus is required.
    MAC 1147 Precalculus: Algebra and Trigonometry (or higher course) will meet this requirement. The combination of MAC 1114 Trigonometry and MAC 1140 Precalculus Algebra may be substituted for MAC 1147.

    Biological Science: BSC 2005 Biological Sciences is required.

    All majors are encouraged to contact a psychology adviser at or 352-273-2115.

    Recommended Coursework

    STA 3024 is recommended but not required as it can be useful for certain upper division courses.

    In addition to regularly scheduled courses, the department offers four individual work courses, three involving research (PSY 4911 Introduction to Research in Psychology, PSY 4905 Individual Work, and PSY 4970 Senior Thesis), and one involving community work (PSY 4949 Community Work in Psychology). Students may enroll in these courses by permission of relevant faculty supervisors. A maximum of six credits of individual work courses (CLP 3911, PSY 4911, PSY 4905, PSY 4949, PSY 4970) can count toward the major.

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    Critical Tracking

    To graduate with this major, students must complete all university, college and major requirements. For degree requirements outside of the major, refer to CLAS Degree Requirements: Structure of a CLAS Degree.

    Equivalent critical-tracking courses as determined by the State of Florida Common Course Prerequisites may be used for transfer students.

    The following critical-tracking courses are required:

    • BSC 2005 Biological Sciences
    • MAC 1147 or MAC 1140 and MAC 1114 Precalculus Algebra and Trigonometry
    • PSY 2012 General Psychology
    • PSY 3213L Laboratory Methods in Psychology
    • STA 2023 Introduction to Statistics 1

    Semester 1

    • Complete MAC 1140 or MAC 1147
    • 2.2 UF GPA required

    Semester 2

    • Complete PSY 2012; if MAC 1140 is taken in semester 1, MAC 1114 must be taken semester 2
    • 2.3 UF GPA required

    Semester 3

    • 2.4 UF GPA required
    • Complete 2 critical-tracking courses from BSC 2005, STA 2023 or
      PSY 3213L with a 2.5 critical-tracking GPA

    Students should take PSY 3213L in semester 3 or 4 before taking any additional 3000-level or above psychology courses.

    Semester 4

    • Complete BSC 2005 and STA 2023 (if not previously taken) with a 2.5 critical-tracking GPA
    • 2.5 UF GPA required

    Semester 5

    • Complete PSY 3213L (if not previously taken) with 2.5 critical-tracking GPA
    • 2.5 UF GPA required

    Recommended Semester Plan

    Students are expected to complete the writing requirement while in the process of taking the courses below. Students are also expected to complete the general education international (GE-N) and diversity (GE-D) requirements concurrently with another general education requirement (typically, GE-C, H or S).

    Semester 1 Credits
    HUM 2305 What is the Good Life (GE-H)​ 3​
    MAC 1147 Precalculus: Algebra and Trigonometry (GE-M) 4
    Foreign language 5
    Physical Science (GE-P) 3
    Total 15
    Semester 2 Credits
    PSY 2012 General Psychology (GE-S) 3
    Composition (GE-C, WR) 3
    Foreign language 5
    Humanities (GE-H) 3
    Total 14
    Semester 3 Credits
    BSC 2005 Biological Sciences (GE-B) 3
    ​PSY 3213L Laboratory Methods in Psychology 3
    Electives 6
    Humanities (GE-H) 3
    Total 15
    Semester 4 Credits
    STA 2023 Introduction to Statistics 1 (GE-M) 3
    Elective 3
    Foundation-level psychology course 3
    ​Foundation-level psychology course (GE-S) ​3
    Physical Science (GE-P) 3
    Total 15
    Semester 5 Credits
    Composition (GE-C, WR) 3
    ​Elective (3000 level or above, not in major) ​3
    ​Elective ​3
    Foundation-level psychology course (GE-B) 3
    Foundation-level psychology course (GE-S) 3
    Total 15
    Semester 6 Credits
    Electives (3000 level or above, not in major) 9
    Psychology courses (3000 level or above) 6
    Total 15
    Semester 7 Credits
    Elective (3000 level or above, not in major) 3
    Electives 9
    Psychology course (3000 level or above) 3
    Total 15
    Semester 8 Credits
    Elective (3000 level or above, not in major) 3
    Electives 10
    Psychology course (3000 level or above) 3
    Total 16
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