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Office of the University Registrar

  • Dual Enrollment Credit

    For more information, refer to the complete regulations for transfer credit.

    In general, you may transfer up to 60 credits from community/state colleges as part of the credits needed for your UF degree, regardless when these credits are earned, but subject to university and college degree requirements. It is the prerogative of your college to determine how transfer credit satisfies a specific degree’s course requirements.

    Students are required to submit to the Office of Admissions final official transcripts from all institutions attended before or during their enrollment at UF.

    Credit from Florida public (community) colleges and state universities: Courses from Florida public colleges and State University System schools generally adhere to the Statewide Course Numbering System. If the prefix (first three letters) and the last three digits of the course number are the same, the courses are considered equivalent.

    Equivalent courses will generally fulfill the same requirements (e.g., general education) that the UF course fulfills. However, whether a course fulfills the writing requirement is determined by specific criteria, not course number equivalency.

    Courses from private or out-of-state institutions: College credit from private or out-of-state institutions earned through a dual-enrollment program may transfer to UF, but must be evaluated by your college to determine if courses completed will fulfill specific requirements.

info: dual-enrollment-course-credit-info