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Office of the University Registrar

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    East-Central European Studies Certificate

    Hours: 12-14 credits with minimum grades of C

    The East-Central European Studies certificate in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is designed to give UF students the opportunity to gain interdisciplinary area and language expertise in East-Central European studies. The certificate program is open to all UF undergraduates.

    To be eligible, students must have a minimum 2.5 overall GPA and a 3.0 GPA in their declared major. Completion of the certificate requires a combined 3.0 GPA for all certificate course work.

    No more than six credits can count toward a major, minor or certificate.

    Required Course: 3 credits

    CPO 3614 Eastern European Politics
    EUH 3330 Late Modern Central and Eastern Europe
    EUH 3564 Twentieth Century East and Central Europe
    EUS 3930 or ANT 3930, as approved by the Center for European Studies.

    Foreign Language, in addition to college requirement: 3 credits

    CZE 1130 Introduction to Czech Language and Culture 1
    CZE 2200 Intermediate Czech 1
    EUS 3938 Less Commonly Taught European Languages
    GER 1120 Beginning German 1
    GER 2200 Intermediate German 1
    HNG 1130 Beginning Hungarian 1
    HNG 1180 Elementary Hungarian: Review and Progress 1
    HNG 2220 Intermediate Hungarian 1
    POL 1130 Introduction to Polish Language and Culture 1
    POL 1180 Elementary Polish: Review and Progress 1
    POL 2200 Intermediate Polish 1
    RUS 1130 Introduction to Russian Language and Culture 1
    RUS 2220 Intermediate Russian 1

    Elective Courses: 6 credits

    EUH 3205 Nineteenth Century Europe
    EUH 3673 Modern East European Jewry
    EUH 4563 Habsburg Monarchy
    EUH 4610 Society and the Sexes in Modern Europe, 18th Century to the Present
    EUS 3100 European Cinema
    EUS 3220 Secret Police Under Communism
    EUS 3400 Migration in Europe
    EUS 4211 European Union's Enlargement
    EUS 4932 Jean Monnet Speical Seminar: The EU Today
    GEA 3500 Geography of Europe
    Any 3000/4000-level CZT/GET/PLT/RUT course
    Or other special-topic courses as approved by the Center for European Studies.

    For advice or information, contact the Center for European Studies.​​

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