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  • Academic Learning Compact - German

    The Bachelor of Arts in German allows you to achieve communicative competence as well as to learn the intercultural skills and practical know-how to negotiate situations when traveling and studying in German-speaking countries.You will gain knowledge and understanding of the German-speaking world, in particular the main aspects of its literature, intellectual history, film and media. You will also learn to connect with other disciplines and further your knowledge of them through German.

    Additional information is available from your major's website.

    Before Graduating You Must

    • Complete 10 German courses (3000 or above) that demonstrate proficiency in your area of study, as well as in spoken and written competence in German.
    • Complete requirements for the baccalaureate degree, as determined by faculty.

    Skills You Will Acquire in the Major (SLOs)

    1. Describe, explain and apply the knowledge of the cultures of German-speaking countries.
    2. Explain and demonstrate proficiency in the German language as defined by criteria sestablished by recognized European and German benchmarks appropriate to the chosen area of study within German studies.
    3. Evaluate the significance of information gathered from authentic sources in German and German-related countries and apply it effectively.
    4. Articulate clearly in speech and in writing using the German language.

    Table Key: I = Introduced; R = Reinforced; A = Assessed

    Courses Content Critical Thinking Communication
    SLO 1 SLO 2 SLO 3 SLO 4
    GER 3234 I I I I
    GER 3440 R, A R, A R, A R, A
    GEW 4400 R, A R, A R, A R, A
    GEW 4730 R, A R, A R, A R, A
    GEW 4930 R, A R, A R, A  

    Assessment Types:
    Term papers and exams; additional assessments include faculty evaluation of self-selected upper-division term paper (or summative exam) and passing the B1-2 (by end fifth semester) and C1-2 language proficiency tests (by end of fourth year).

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