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Office of the University Registrar

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    Academic Learning Compact - Sustainability Studies

    The Bachelor of Arts in sustainability studies requires you to demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the goals of sustainability and the activities of the built environment disciplines, including architecture, building construction, historic preservation, interior design, landscape architecture and urban and regional planning.

    Additional information is available from your major's website.

    Before Graduating You Must

    • Complete a capstone or independent research project, present your results to a committee of the program’s faculty and receive acceptable assessment.
    • Complete requirements for the baccalaureate degree, as determined by faculty.

    Skills You Will Acquire in the Major (SLOs)

    1. Define and explain sustainability scholarship, including natural scientific, social scientific and humanistic approaches.
    2. Define and explain the relationship of sustainability to ethics, culture and human behavior; economics, law and policy; production systems and the built environment; ecology and environmental stewardship.
    3. Critically assess sustainability principles and practices.
    4. Effectively write and/or orally communicate a range of approaches, frameworks, principles and practices of sustainability.

    Table Key: I = Introduced; R = Reinforced; A = Assessed

    Courses Content Critical Thinking Communication
    SLO 1 SLO 2 SLO 3 SLO 4
    IDS 2154 I, R I, R I, R I, R
    IDS 4942 A A A A
    Core Courses -
    AMH 2631, ANT 2402, BSC 2862,
    CLA 2521, GLY 2038, POS 2032,
    REL 2071
    R   R R

    Assessment Types:
    Exams, writing assignments, projects, presentations and internships.

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