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Office of the University Registrar

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    Dance in Healthcare Certificate

    Hours: 14 credits

    The School of Theartre and Dance, in conjunction with the Center for the Arts in Medicine, offers this certificate to recognize special competencies and achievements in the use of movement to enhance health and healing.

    Students who complete the requirements for this certificate leave UF with unique capabilities and experiences. This certificate can serve as a credential for developing complementary career options and can encourage healthcare facilities to expand or to initiate arts programs.

    Students should apply by their junior year and contact the coordinator of dance,, who will provide additional information on certificate requirements and arrange the clinical work through the Center for the Arts in Medicine.

    Students must attain a 3.0 GPA in the required courses, all of which have prerequisites:

    Required Courses

    • DAA 2610 Dance Composition 1 (2 credits)
    • DAA 2611 Dance Composition 2 (2 credits)
    • DAA 3108 Intermediate Modern Dance (2 credits) or
      DAA 4100 Advanced Modern Dance(2 credits)
    • DAA 4930 Introduction to the Arts in Healthcare (3 credits) or
      Arts in Healthcare Summer Intensive (non-credit, must earn certificate of completion)
    • DAN 3775 Dance in Medicine (2 credits)
    • DAN 4860L Dance Clinical Practice (3 credits)

    Additional Requirement

    • Capstone: 20 clinical hours (additionally: interviews, self-evaluation and faculty evaluation)
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