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Office of the University Registrar

  • Arts in Healthcare Certificate

    The Center for Arts in Medicine's arts in healthcare certificate program is open to all students and accepts applications throughout the year; there are no application deadlines.

    The certificate recognizes practical competency and academic achievement in the use of the arts to enhance individual and community health and to impact healthcare environments. Students who complete the requirements for the certificate gain unique life experience and capabilities. This certificate, recognizing these special skills, can serve as a credential for developing career options and will encourage healthcare facilities to expand or to initiate arts programs.

    To qualify for the arts in healthcare certificate, the student must attain a 3.0 average in all courses included in the certificate curriculum.

    Requirements and Prerequisites: Completion of the certificate program requires a minimum intermediate-level competency in a primary artistic discipline as well as basic-level exploration of a secondary artistic discipline at an accredited university. The student must have completed at least one intermediate-level studio/technique course in the primary discipline and must take one basic-level course in a secondary discipline.

    Required Courses

    • HUM 2592 Introduction to the Arts in Healthcare Process (at UF) or
      Introduction to Arts in Healthcare Summer Intensive (2 weeks, at a partner university, plus additional reading and research core), 3 credits
    • Arts in Healthcare Summer Intensive at UF (2 weeks + online modules), 2 credits
    • Introductory level studio/technique course in secondary discipline **, 2 credits
    • HUM 3940L Arts in Healthcare Practicum 1: 80 hours
      Introductory level in the practice of the arts in healthcare across at least two disciplines, 2 credits
    • HUM 4941L Arts in Healthcare Practicum 2: 120 hours
      Advanced practice of the arts in healthcare in one primary discipline and with clearly defined objectives, 3 credits
    • Capstone: 20 clinical hours plus interviews, self-evaluation and faculty evaluation, 0 credits

    ** Secondary Discipline Courses at UF

    • School of Art and Art History
      ART 2305C Perceptual Drawing
      ART 2757C Ceramics: 3D Concepts
    • School of Theatre and Dance
      DAA 1000 Fundamentals of Dance Technique
      DAA 2104 Basic Modern Dance
      DAA 2204 Basic Ballet
      DAA 2331 West African Dance and Music
      DAA 2504 Basic Jazz
      TPP 2100 Acting for Non-Majors
    • School of Music
      MUN 1320 Women's Chorale
      MUN 1330 Men's Glee Club

    For more information contact Alie Wickham, certificate coordinator, at or Jill Sonke, CAHRE director, at

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