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Office of the University Registrar

  • Music Performance Minor

    Hours: 18-19 credits, completed with minimum grades of C

    The minor in music performance, instrumental or voice, assumes the student has had substantial previous study in music. An audition is required to determine placement in a studio and a theory placement exam is required to determine the appropriate level of theory.

    Only 13 hours below the 3000 level can count toward this minor and at least 12 hours of coursework must be completed at UF. Courses numbered 4905 cannot apply toward the minor.

    Students should contact the undergraduate adviser before enrolling in coursework.

    Required Courses

    MUT 1121 Music Theory 1 or MUT 1122 Music Theory 2 or
    MUT 2126 Music Theory 3 or MUT 2127 Music Theory 4
    (depending on placement after taking the theory placement exam)
    MUL 2010 Introduction to Music Literature 3
    MUN **** Ensemble
    (3 semesters' participation)
    Applied Music: 2000 level (2 semesters) and 3000 level (1 semester) 7

    Instrument-Specific Requirements

    All Instruments Except Woodwinds
    MUL 3*** or MUL 4*** Music Literature Elective 2-3
    Woodwind Instruments
    Applied Music Lessons: MV_ 3***
    (each semester of applied lessons is 3 credits) or

    Instrumental Ensembles: MUN 3123, 3133, 3143, 3213
    (each ensemble is 1 credit per semester) or

    Chamber Music: MUN 3460
    (each chamber ensemble is 1 credit per semester) or

    Music History and Literature: MUH 3***, MUH 4***, MUL 33**, MUL 43**, MUL 48**
    (each course is 3 credits) or

    Music Theory: MUT 3***, MUT 4****
    (each course is 3 credits)
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