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Office of the University Registrar

  • Academic Learning Compact - Nuclear and Radiological Sciences

    The major in nuclear and radiological sciences educates you to work professionally in areas related to the control and safe utilization of nuclear energy, radiation and radioactivity.

    Additional information is available from your major's website.

    Before Graduating You Must

    • Pass an assessment by two or more faculty and/or industry practitioners of performance on a major design experience.
    • Pass assessment in two or more courses of individual assignments targeted to each learning outcome. Assessment will be provided by the instructor of the course according to department standards.
    • Complete requirements for the baccalaureate degree, as determined by faculty.

    Skills You Will Acquire in the Major (SLOs)

    1. Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering for problem solving in engineering.
    2. Analyze and interpret experimental data.
    3. Develop an engineering design to meet specific technical requirements within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, health and safety and reliability.
    4. Foster the need for life-long learning and the ability to adapt this to engineering practice.
    5. Function effectively on multi-disciplinary skills teams.
    6. Communicate effectively, using both oral and written presentations, in engineering practice.

    Table Key: I = Introduced; R = Reinforced; A = Assessed

    Courses Content Critical Thinking Communication
    SLO 1 SLO 2 SLO 3 SLO 4 SLO 5 SLO 6
    ENU 4001 I          
    ENU 4145           R
    ENU 4605 R          
    ENU 4612   R R R R I
    ENU 4630   I I I I  
    ENU 4641C A A A A A A

    Assessment Types:
    Assignments, exams, projects, presentations; additional assessment includes the senior exit survey.

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