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Office of the University Registrar

  • Landscape Architecture Minor

    Hours: 15 credits, completed with minimum grades of C

    The minor in landscape architecture provides an overview of the profession, an introduction to environmental and cultural issues and to design, planning and management theory and applications. This minor does not qualify a student for practice or for professional licensure.

    To help chart course work, application to the minor should be made as soon as possible after the student has been admitted to an upper-division college. To be considered, students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA.

    All graduating students who meet the requirements and have been approved for the minor will have the minor listed on their transcripts.

    Of the 15-credit minimum requirement, six credits are required. The remaining credits can be based on interests and background. Students with design, construction, engineering or other technical backgrounds may participate in design and/or construction studios in addition to lecture courses. Acceptance into studio courses is granted with permission of the instructor, if space is available.

    Additional courses in the professional design and construction sequences and in graduate seminars may be possible for students with specialized backgrounds such as other design fields, building construction or engineering. The instructor’s permission is required to take courses other than those listed below.

    Required Courses

    LAA 1920 Introduction to Landscape Architecture or
    LAA 2710 History of Landscape Architecture
    LAA 2330 Site Analysis 3


    LAA 2376C Design Communications 1
    (Prereq: Previous computer experience, permission of instructor and space availability)
    LAA 2532 Landscape Management 3
    LAA 3230 Theories of Landscape Architecture
    (Prereq: LAA 2710)
    LAA 4210 Landscape Architecture Professional Practice
    (Prereq: Junior standing and instructor permission)
    LAA 4260 Site Design and Green Roofs 3
    LAA 4905 Special Studies in Landscape Architecture 1-6
    LAA 4905 Cultural Landscapes 3
    LAA 4935 Gardens of the World 3
    LAA 6382 Ecological and Environmental Policy 3
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