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Office of the University Registrar

  • Fine Arts
    College of Fine Arts
    HUM 1531 Dynamic Creativity and Strategic Innovation
    Credits: 2; Prereq: Admission to the Innovation Academy.
    Examines the theory and research on creativity, explores your own process of creativity and helps you prepare a proposal for a large-scale creative project in the creativity practicum.
    HUM 1947 Creativity-in-Action Practicum
    Credits: 2; Prereq: Admission to the Innovation Academy and HUM 1531.
    Focuses on the development of creative problem-solving strategies through completion of an innovative project. Students will and refine the proposal developed in HUM 1531, they they will prototype the concept, test and refine the prototype, and complete and present the final project.
    HUM 2510 Design for Understanding the Visual and Performing Arts
    Credits: 3.
    An analysis of the basic elements and concepts of the visual arts, music, theater, and the dance to establish a fundamental base from which decisions can be made about what one sees, hears, and feels. Understanding, appreciation, and literacy in the arts are developed and are strengthened by participating in arts experiences. (H) (WR)
    HUM 2511 Basic Fundamentals and Skills in the Visual Arts and Music
    Credits: 3.
    Fundamentals of visual arts and of music needed by the classroom teacher for teaching art and music in the elementary school. Students with sufficient background may exempt the course by examination.
    HUM 2592 Introduction to the Arts in Healthcare
    Credits: 3.
    Explores the arts in healthcare and the links between the creative and healing arts, focusing on the many ways that the arts can be used to enhance the healing process in a hospital setting. It includes studio workshops, lecture/discussion, video viewing, readings, homework assignments and a group project.
    HUM 2930 Special Topics in Fine Arts
    Credits: 1 to 3.
    A variable topics course exploring the interaction between various arts and between the arts and other disciplines.
    HUM 4956 Overseas Studies in Fine and Performing Arts
    Credits: 1 to 18; Prereq: undergraduate adviser permission.
    This course provides a mechanism by which coursework taken as part of an approved study-abroad program can be recorded on the transcript and counted toward UF graduation.
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