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Office of the University Registrar

  • Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology Minor

    Hours: 17-20 credits, completed with minimum grades of C

    The Horticultural Sciences Department facilitates this interdisciplinary minor, a cooperative effort of the departments of Agronomy, Environmental Horticulture, Horticultural Sciences, Plant Pathology, and Microbiology and Cell Science. It is particularly appropriate for students majoring in horticultural science, microbiology and cell science, and plant science, although it is available to students in other majors.

    The minor offers academic training and hands-on experience in current laboratory techniques and helps students prepare for graduate school or lab positions in plant biotechnology.

    For more information contact Dr. Rebecca Darnell at or call 352-273-4789.


    BOT 2011C Plant Diversity (4) or
    BSC 2011 and 2011L Integrated Principles of Biology 2 (3) and Laboratory (1)
    CHM 2210 Organic Chemistry 1 3
    CHM 2211 Organic Chemistry 2 3

    Required Courses

    HOS 3305 Introduction to Plant Molecular Biology 3
    HOS 4313C Laboratory Methods in Plant Molecular Biology 2

    Physiology: select one

    BOT 3503 Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants 3
    HOS 4304 Horticultural Physiology 3

    Biochemistry: select one

    BCH 3025 Fundamentals of Biochemistry 4
    BCH 4024 Introduction to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 4
    CHM 3217 Organic/Biochemistry 1 4

    Genetics: select one

    AGR 3303 Genetics 3
    MCB 4304 Genetics of Microorganisms 3
    PCB 3063 Genetics 3
    PCB 4522 Molecular Genetics 3

    Electives: select one

    MCB 3020 Basic Biology of Microorganisms 3
    MCB 5305L Microbial Genetics and Biotechnology Laboratory 2
    PLS 4242C Micropropagation of Horticultural Crops 4
    XXX 4905 Individual Studies in PMCB * 3-5

    * Individual studies courses are registered by the department prefix appropriate to the student's major.

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