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Office of the University Registrar

  • Academic Learning Compact - Environmental Management in Agriculture and Natural Resources

    The interdisciplinary major in environmental management in agriculture provides you with the scientific and technical foundation to integrate and communicate the diverse environmental issues associated with agriculture and natural resources. You will be able to deal in an informed manner with the agricultural regulations and permitting requirements established by various agencies and jurisdictions, and you will achieve an appreciation for the complexities of agricultural practices. You will learn to integrate, balance and communicate the mix of agricultural and environmental issues that need to be addressed in modern society.

    Additional information is available from your major's website.

    Before Graduating You Must

    • Complete an approved senior-year research project, SOS 4905 Individual Work, related to management and science skills.
    • Achieve minimum grades of C in AEC 3030C and AEC 3033C. These courses are graded using rubrics developed by a faculty committee.
    • Complete requirements for the baccalaureate degree, as determined by faculty.

    Skills You Will Acquire in the Major (SLOs)

    1. Appraise similarities between agronomic production and environmental protection issues.
    2. Describe the role of soil and water in transport of contaminants in ecosystems and illustrate the interconnectedness of ecosystems and ecosystem components with specific examples.
    3. Cite specific examples of natural resources and environmental public policy issues and identify contending stakeholder interests with respect to each issue.
    4. Develop a plan for the analysis of an environmental / agricultural study using geographic information systems software.
    5. Critically evaluate natural resource policies using basic economic tools and applying ecological, social and political criteria.
    6. Create, interpret and analyze written text, oral messages and multimedia presentations used in agricultural and life sciences.

    Table Key: I = Introduced; R = Reinforced; A = Assessed

    Courses Content Critical Thinking Communication
    SLO 1 SLO 2 SLO 3 SLO 4 SLO 5 SLO 6
    AEB 3133         I  
    AEC 3030C           I, R, A
    AEC 3033C           I, R, A
    ALS 3133 I, A I I      
    AOM 4643 R R   I    
    ​FNR 4660 ​  ​  ​R, A  ​ ​R, A ​R
    SWS 3022   I        
    SWS 4116 R         R
    SWS 4223 R R, A       R
    SWS 4720C       R, A   R

    Assessment Types:
    Projects, papers, presentations and exams.

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