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Office of the University Registrar

  • Staff and the Strategic Work Plan

    Staff members provide all manner of services critical to the operation of the university. Without them, the university would be unable to fulfill its mission. The university has a responsibility to structure a comfortable and productive environment to help staff succeed and grow in their jobs.

    In a recent campus-wide survey of the workplace, staff communicated numerous areas that are working well at the university, including diversity, physical working conditions and work/life balance. At the same time, staff expressed concerns regarding compensation, technology, organizational change and communication.

    • Goal 22: Develop specific initiatives aimed at enhanced recruitment, retention and development of staff to be competitive with local, regional and national markets.

    In recent years, staff employment plans and benefits have been revised to provide new opportunities. However, in order for the university to be able to continue to attract and retain quality staff, there must be ongoing and regular review of compensation structure for staff.

    • Goal 23: Structure a competitive compensation program that rewards staff performance.

    In recent years, staff members have faced formidable challenges from new technology that has transformed job requirements. In addition, as the university community has confronted natural disasters, staff members have consistently been called upon to assist before, during and after such events. Indeed, many employees designated as essential personnel have been staff. For staff to meet these workplace challenges, it is important to assure access to quality training workshops and employee support services.

    • Goal 24: Design and deliver various training opportunities for staff to advance competencies and career development.

    The President's 2007 Strategic Work Plan

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