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Office of the University Registrar

  • Digital Arts and Sciences

    The digital arts and sciences (DAS) program crosses college boundaries between engineering and fine arts. This degree is an interdisciplinary engineering program.

    About This Major


    The Digital Arts and Sciences (DAS) degree is a core computer science degree with special emphasis on human-centered computing, which includes art, design and computing courses that are related to digital media, interaction and communication.

    Graduates will be well versed in issues and solutions for basic art techniques and graphic art design as well as modeling 3D virtual worlds. The DAS graduate also will be well versed in collaborative multidisciplinary team models. Intermediate and final class projects are centered around a balanced-team composition focusing on multimedia productions.

    Department Requirements

    Students must complete all critical-tracking courses with minimum grades of C in each course and the critical-tracking GPA must be 2.5 or higher. A minimum grade of C is required in COP 3503 or 3504, EEL 3701C and ENC 3254. In addition, CISE requires all DAS students to maintain a cumulative, upper-division and department GPA minimum of 2.0.

    Students who do not meet these requirements will be placed on academic probation and will be required to prepare a probation contract with a CISE adviser. Students normally are given two terms in which to remove their deficit points or to remedy their probation status; however, students who do not satisfy the conditions of the first term of probation may be dismissed from the department.

    Critical Tracking

    To graduate with this major, students must complete all university, college and major requirements.

    Equivalent critical tracking courses as determined by the State of Florida Common Course Prerequisites may be used for transfer students.

    Semester 1

    • 2.0 UF GPA for semesters 1-5
    • 2.5 GPA on all critical-tracking coursework for semesters 1-5
    • Complete 1 of 8 critical-tracking courses with a minimum grade of C within two attempts: ARH 2051, CHM 2045 or CHM 2095, MAC 2311, MAC 2312,
      MAC 2313, MAP 2302, PHY 2048 and PHY 2049

    Semester 2

    • Complete 1 additional critical-tracking course with a minimum grade of C within two attempts

    Semester 3

    • Complete 2 additional critical-tracking courses with minimum grades of C within two attempts

    Semester 4

    • Complete 2 additional critical-tracking courses with minimum grades of C within two attempts

    Semester 5

    • Complete all 8 critical-tracking courses with minimum grades of C in each course within two attempts
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    Recommended Semester Plan

    To remain on track, students must complete the appropriate critical-tracking courses, which appear in bold, within the timeframe set forth by the college. Students are required to complete HUM 2305 The Good Life (GE-H) in semester 1 or 2.

    Semester 1 Credits
    CHM 2045 General Chemistry 1 (GE-P) or
    CHM 2095 Chemistry for Engineers 1
    CHM 2045L General Chemistry 1 Laboratory (GE-P) 1
    COP 3502 Programming for CIS Majors 1 (CISE Technical Elective) or
    ENC 3254 Professional Communication for Engineers (GE-C, WR-6)
    HUM 2305 What is the Good Life (GE-H)​ ​3
    MAC 2311 Analytic Geometry and Calculus 1 (GE-M) 4
    Total 14
    Semester 2 Credits
    CAP 3032 Interactive Modeling and Animation 3
    COP 3504 Advanced Programming Fundamentals for CIS Majors or
    COP 3503 Programming Fundamentals for CIS Majors 2 (if COP 3502 taken in semester 1) 
    MAC 2312 Analytic Geometry and Calculus 2 4
    PHY 2048 Physics with Calculus 1 (GE-P) 3
    PHY 2048L Physics with Calculus 1 Laboratory (GE-P) 1
    Total 14
    Summer Credits
    Social and Behavioral Sciences (GE-S) 6
    Semester 3 Credits
    ARH 2051 Introduction to the Principles and History of Art 2 (GE-H, N) ​3
    CAP 3220 Introduction to Computer-Aided Modeling 3
    MAC 2313 Analytic Geometry and Calculus 3 (GE-M) 4
    PHY 2049 Physics with Calculus 2 3
    PHY 2049L Physics with Calculus 2 Laboratory 1
    Total 14
    Semester 4 Credits
    CAP 3034 Introduction to Computer-Aided Animation 3
    COT 3100 Applications of Discrete Structures 3
    MAP 2302 Elementary Differential Equations 3
    Humanities or Social and Behavioral Sciences (GE-H or-S) 3
    Interdisciplinary elective (adviser approved) 3
    Total 15
    Summer Credits
    Interdisciplinary elective (adviser approved) 3
    Interdisciplinary elective (adviser approved) 3
    Total 6
    Semester 5 Credits
    CAP 3027 Introduction to Digital Arts and Sciences 3
    COP 3530 Data Structures and Algorithm 4
    MAS 3114 Computational Linear Algebra or
    MAS 3105 Linear Algebra
    Interdisciplinary elective (adviser approved) 3
    Total 13
    Semester 6 Credits
    ART 2305C Perceptual Drawing​ 3​
    CAP 3020 Theory and Practice of Multimedia Production 3
    CEN 3031 Introduction to Software Engineering 3
    CISE elective (adviser approved) 3
    COT 4501 Numerical Analysis 3
    Total 15
    Semester 7 Credits
    ART 2701C Sculpture: Shaping Form and Space 3
    CAP 4800 System Simulation or
    CIS 4930 Human Computer Interaction
    CDA 3101 Introduction to Computer Organization 3
    ENC 3254 Professional Communication for Engineers (GE-C, WR-6) or
    CISE elective (adviser approved; if took COP 3504)
    Total 12
    Semester 8 Credits
    CAP 4730 Computational Structures in Computer Graphics​ ​3
    CIS 4914 Senior Project 3
    COP 4020 Programming Language Concepts or
    COP 4600 Operating Systems
    Interdisciplinary elective (adviser approved)​ ​3
    Total 12
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