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Office of the University Registrar

  • Environmental Science
    School of Natural Resources and Environment

    The School of Natural Resources and Environment has a curriculum of 235 courses taught in 56 departments of the university. Only four courses are assigned directly to the school.

    EVS 3000 Environmental Science
    Credits: 3; CHM 2045 or CHM 2047 or CHM 2095.
    Interactions of humans and their environments, Earth's resources, pollution and environmental management.
    EVS 3000L Environmental Science Laboratory
    Credits: 1; Coreq: EVS 3000.
    Hands-on experience in data collection and analysis for environmental science and management.
    EVS 4021 Critical Thinking in Environmental Science
    Credits: 3; Prereq: NE classification and senior standing.
    Develops critical thinking and communication skills in the practicing environmental scientist. Students analyze the strengths, limitations and strategies of arguments regarding environmental science, policy and management, and craft arguments consistent with the scientific method.
    EVS 4949 Environmental Science Internship
    Credits: 1 to 3; can be repeated with change in content up to 3 credits. Prereq: NE classification and permission of dean. Can be counted as an elective for the major or as a free elective.
    Employment or volunteer work in a natural resource- or environment-related business or government agency, with job description related to field of study and written work report of each term's activities. (S-U)
descriptions: environmental-science