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Office of the University Registrar

  • Changing a Major

    Students often change their minds about majors and careers. UF wants to make sure that you have information available early, so that the choices you make are not limited. The university can provide the technical expertise and the academic advising you need to help you select a major and complete your degree. Do not simply default into a major. Make the search for a major proactive so you end up with what you want, not what you had to take because deadlines were near.

    Note: There is often very little relationship between undergraduate degrees and specific types of employment. A specific major does not guarantee employment in a specific field, nor does a specific major limit employment to a specific field.

    If you do not have a clear idea of what you would like to study, try these options:

    • Search the undergraduate catalog's index to majors
      Look for majors that sound interesting, then explore courses required and speak to faculty or advisers in those departments.
    • Currently enrolled students can use ISIS to explore majors by subject area,by college or by major. Click on Degree Audit/Degree Shop and logon. You also can use ISIS to find out if any course work you may have taken applies toward a given major's requirements. If you need additional information, contact the department offering the degree or the advising office of the appropriate college.
    • Meet with an academic adviser
      You can meet with an adviser in the college affiliated with your interest to discuss majors and career options.
    • Visit the Career Resource Center - 1st floor, J. Wayne Reitz Union
      The Career Resource Center has an entire team of people dedicated to helping you make choices about your major and your career. In addition to individual and group career counseling, they also have a Career Resource Library with books on everything from anthropology to zoology. You also can access many resources through the Explore section of their website. It contains information about the career planning process and has numerous exercises that can help you in your decision-making. Once your tentative decision is made, you also can test your choice by participating in externships, internships, co-ops and career fairs, all sponsored by the CRC.
    • Talk to a college or department representative
      Discuss various academic programs and their career implications.
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