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Office of the University Registrar

  • Religion

    Events at home and abroad show that religion continues to be a powerful force, with both positive and negative consequences. An undergraduate major in religion provides students with the basic tools to understand the diversity of religious phenomena throughout the world in their proper historical, socio-political, psychological, cultural and philosophical contexts.

    About This Major


    Students majoring in religion have gone on to work with non-government organizations and religious communities, including pastoral work and administration. Students receive a truly interdisciplinary training, and many have also gone on to pursue advanced degrees in the humanities, social sciences, law, education, journalism and social services. The religion program complements many other programs at the University of Florida, including Latin American studies, sustainability studies, Jewish studies and Asian studies, among others.

    Coursework for the Major

    The program consists of 10 courses, which include at least one in Asian religions, one in Islam and one in Jewish or Christian scripture. In addition, all majors must complete a junior seminar on methods and theories in the study of religion and a comparative East-West capstone seminar.

    The 10 courses (30 credit hours) for the undergraduate major in religion must be completed with grades of C or better. These courses must be taken from the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels of the religion curriculum and they must expose the student to both eastern and western thought.

    Required Coursework

    • One course in Asian religion: REL 2315, REL 2341, REL 3318, REL 3330,
      REL 3335, REL 3336, REL 4337, REL 4345 and REL 4349,
    • One course in Islam (REL 2362, REL 4367), and
    • One course in Jewish or Christian scripture (REL 2210, REL 2240, REL 3249, REL 3252 or REL 4293).
    • In addition, all majors must complete REL 3931 (during the junior year), and
    • Complete a total of three 4000-level courses, at least one of which must be the comparative study course REL 4933.
    • Majors cannot count more than three introductory courses (2000-level) toward their 30 hours.
    • No more than three courses (nine credit hours) can be in approved cognate courses from other departments.
    • No more than four courses (12 credit hours) can be transferred from another institution.
    • Every two semesters all majors must consult the undergraduate adviser.

    There are no prerequisites for 2000-level courses. Detailed descriptions of current and prospective courses are available in 107 Anderson Hall and from faculty members before registration.

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    Overseas Studies

    The department strongly encourages study abroad programs. Overseas Studies, within the UF International Center (UFIC), offers UF students the opportunity to study in a wide range of academic and cultural settings. The office coordinates 32 semester and yearlong programs and 28 summer programs in 24 countries. Study abroad programs satisfy the general education international and diversity requirements and also may fulfill requirements for a major or minor as well as basic distribution area requirements and UF summer residency. Interested students should contact the UF International Center in 170 Hub, (352) 392-5323, or the undergraduate coordinator.

    Critical Tracking

    To graduate with this major, students must complete all university, college and major requirements. For degree requirements outside of the major, refer to CLAS Degree Requirements — Structure of a CLAS Degree.

    Equivalent critical tracking courses as determined by the State of Florida Common Course Prerequisites may be used for transfer students

    Semester 1

    • 2.0 UF GPA required for semesters 1-5

    Semester 2

    • Maintain 2.0 UF GPA

    Semester 3

    • Complete 1 religion course

    Semester 4

    • Complete 1 additional religion course with a 2.5 GPA on all critical-tracking coursework

    Semester 5

    • Complete 1 additional religion course with a 2.5 GPA on all critical-tracking coursework
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    Recommended Semester Plan

    Students are expected to complete the writing and math requirement while in the process of taking the courses below. Students are also expected to complete the general education international (GE-N) and diversity (GE-D) requirements concurrently with another general education requirement (typically, GE-C, H or S).

    Semester 1 Credits
    Composition (GE-C, WR) 3
    Foreign language 4-5
    Mathematics (MGF 1106 recommended) (GE-M) 3
    Electives 4
    Total 14-15
    Semester 2 Credits
    Asian Religion (REL 2315, REL 2341, REL 3330 or REL 3336) (GE-H) 3
    Biological Science (GE-B) 3
    Foreign language 3-5
    Mathematics (GE-M) 3
    Social and Behavioral Sciences (GE-S) 3
    Total 15-17
    Semester 3 Credits
    Jewish or Christian Scripture (REL 2210, REL 2240, REL 3249 or REL 3252) (GE-H) 3
    Elective 3
    Elective (or foreign language, if 4-3-3 option) 3
    Physical Science (GE-P) 3
    Social and Behavioral Sciences (GE-S) 3
    Total 15
    Semester 4 Credits
    Islam (REL 2362 or REL 4367) 3
    Biological Science (GE-B) 3
    Composition (GE-C, WR) 3
    Elective 3-0
    Science laboratory (GE-P or B) 1
    Social and Behavioral Sciences (GE-S) 3
    Total 16-13
    Semester 5 Credits
    REL 3931 Junior Seminar 3
    Electives 6
    Physical Science (GE-P) 3
    Religion elective (3000 level or higher) 3
    Total 15
    Semester 6 Credits
    Religion (4000 level) 3
    Electives 12
    Total 15
    Semester 7 Credits
    Electives (3000 level or higher, not in major) 9
    Religion (4000 level) 3
    Religion elective (3000 level or higher) 3
    Total 15
    Semester 8 Credits
    REL 4933 The Comparative Study of Religion (GE-H) 3
    Elective 3
    Electives (3000 level or higher, not in major) 9
    Total 15
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