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  • Business Administration - Online

    The online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-General Business (BSBA-IBA) degree program, which provides a broad overview of the functional areas of business, is designed for students who live outside the Gainesville community or have work and/or family commitments that make traditional campus attendance impractical. This degree fits seamlessly with an Associate of Arts degree from a Florida community or state college, providing the final two years of a four-year Bachelor of Science in Business Administration online.

    About This Major

    • College: Heavener School of Business
    • Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
    • Hours for the Degree: 120
    • Minor: No
    • Website:


    The online BSBA-IBA program provides a broad academic background in a variety of business disciplines and prepares students for a wide array of business careers and for graduate studies in business.

    Requirements for the Major

    To graduate with this major, students must complete all university, college and major requirements.

    Admission to the online BSBA-IBA degree program is restricted to students who have earned at least 60 hours of college credit and a minimum preprofessional GPA of 2.50. To graduate, students must meet general education requirements and maintain a 2.0 core, major and UF GPA. Students must read the individual course descriptions in this catalog to determine the prerequisites for their required courses. Once admitted to the online BSBA-IBA program, students take 60 credits, including:

    • Seven core business courses: BUL 4310, FIN 3403, GEB 3373, MAN 3025,
      MAN 4504, MAR 3023 and QMB 3250
    • Five general business major courses: ENT 3003, MAN 3240, MAN 4301,
      MAR 3231, REE 3043
    • Three professional development courses: GEB 3035, GEB 3219 and
      ISM 3004

    Recommended Semester Plan

    Equivalent critical tracking courses as determined by the State of Florida Common Course Prerequisites may be used for transfer students.

    Semester 1 (Fall) Credits
    MAN 3025 Principles of Management 4
    QMB 3250 Statistics for Business Decisions 4
    Total 8
    Semester 2 (Spring) Credits
    ENT 3003 Principles of Entrepreneurship 4
    FIN 3403 Business Finance 4
    MAN 3240 Organizations: Structure and Behavior
    (requires a grade of C or better)
    Total 12
    Semester 3 (Summer) Credits
    GEB 3035 Effective Career Management 4
    MAR 3023 Principles of Marketing 4
    Total 8
    Semester 4 (Fall) Credits
    BUL 4310 Legal Environment of Business 4
    GEB 3373 International Business 4
    MAN 4301 Human Resource Management 4
    Total 12
    Semester 5 (Spring) Credits
    ISM 3004 Computing in the Business Environment 4
    REE 3043 Real Estate Analysis 4
    Total 8
    Semester 6 (Summer) Credits
    GEB 3219 Writing and Speaking in Business
    MAN 4504 Operations Management 4
    MAR 3231 Introduction to Retailing Systems 4
    Total 12
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