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Office of the University Registrar

  • Correspondence Study

    The Division of Continuing Education (DCE) offers undergraduate courses for college credit through correspondence study. DCE provides flexible educational opportunities for students who have:

    • conflicting schedules,
    • to meet general education or writing and math requirements,
    • to meet course prerequisites,
    • a desire for professional development or personal enrichment.

    Students formally admitted to UF must have their college's approval and must meet with an adviser before enrolling in a correspondence study course. No more than six semester hours of correspondence credit can apply toward a UF degree.

    Students can enroll for courses by mail, fax, in person or online. Registering for correspondence courses does not require a transcript of previous academic work and the student does not need to apply for or be admitted to the University of Florida to earn college credit. Correspondence study provides continuous enrollment and does not follow UF's academic calendar.

    • Students may enroll in correspondence courses at any time and can complete them within 16 weeks from the date of enrollment. If the (on-campus) academic semester changes during this time, a non-punitive deferred grade of 'H' will appear on the student's transcript.
    • If time beyond the initial 16 weeks is needed to complete the course, an additional 16 weeks will be allowed automatically.
    • If the course is not completed at the end of the second 16-week period (32 weeks from the date of enrollment), the instructor will assign a failing grade.
    • To be eligible to receive a special extension beyond 32 weeks, a student must show reasonable academic progress and obtain permission from the instructor via the Office of Correspondence Study before the end of the 32-week period. During this third and final 16-week period, an ā€˜Iā€™ will appear on the student's transcript and is punitive if grades have already been assigned from a subsequent term. The ā€˜Iā€™ will become punitive the next time the student is enrolled and receives grades.

    Courses are available in print or online, and often include an interactive CD-Rom. Students can contact DCE at 352-392-1711 or

info: correspondence-study