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Office of the University Registrar

  • Credit by Exam - AICE Credit

    Students completing approved AICE examinations with scores of A-E will earn UF credit.

    Scores of E or higher on AICE French, German, Latin and Spanish examinations fulfill the foreign language proficiency requirement for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the College of Journalism and Communications and B.A. programs in the College of Fine Arts.

    The chart below specifies which UF course credit students will earn depending on their score on each exam and whether the credit earned will count for general education and the writing* and math** requirements.

    AICE Exam Title UF Course
    UF Credit
    Art and Design
    A Level
    ART 2305C and 0301*** 6  
    Art and Design
    AS Level
    ART 2305C 3  
    Biology A Level BSC 2007, 2009L and
    BSC 2010, 2010L
    8 B
    Biology AS Level BSC 2007, 2009L 4 B
    Business, General
    A Level
    GEB 2011 and GEB 0301*** 6  
    Business, General
    AS Level
    GEB 2011 3  
    Chemistry A Level CHM 1030, 0301L*** and
    CHM 2045, 2045L
    8 P
    Chemistry AS Level CHM 1030, 0301L*** 4 P
    Computing A Level** CGS 0301*** and CIS 0301*** 6 M
    Computing AS Level** CGS 0301*** 3 M
    Economics A Level ECO 2013 and 2023 8 S
    Economics AS Level ECO 0301*** 3 S
    English Language
    A Level*
    ENC 1101 and 1102 6 C
    English Language
    AS Level*
    ENC 1101 3 C
    English Literature
    A Level*
    AML 2070 and ENL 2022 6 C or H
    English Literature
    AS Level*
    AML 2070 3 C or H
    Environmental Science
    AS Level
    EES 3000 3 B
    French A Level FRE 2220 and 2221  
    French AS Level FRE 2220  
    Further Math
    A Level**
    MAC 2311 and 2312 8 M
    Further Math
    AS Level**
    MAC 2311 4 M
    Geography A Level* GEO 2200 and GEO 0301*** 6 GEO 0301***:
    S and N
    GEO 2200: P
    Geography AS Level* GEA 0301*** 3 S and N
    German A Level GER 2200 and 2240 6  
    German AS Level GER 2200 3  
    History A Level* WOH 0301*** and HIS 0301*** 6 H and N
    History AS Level* WOH 0301*** 3 H and N
    Latin Language
    AS Level
    LAT 0301*** 6  
    Latin Literature
    A Level
    LNW 0301*** 3  
    A Level**
    MAC 1114 and 2311 6 M
    AS Level**
    MAC 1147 4 M
    Physics A Level PHY 2053, 2053L and
    PHY 2054, 2054L
    10 P
    Physics AS Level PHY 2020, 0301L*** 4 P
    Psychology A Level* PSY 2012 and 0301*** 6 S
    Psychology AS Level* PSY 0301*** 3 S
    Sociology A Level* SYG 2000 and 0301*** 6 S
    Sociology AS Level* SYG 0301*** 3 S
    Spanish A Level SPN 2200 and 2201 6  
    Spanish AS Level SPN 2200 3  
    Statistics AS Level** STA 2023 3 M
    Thinking Skills PHI 0301*** 3  

    * Writing requirement (6000 words)
    ** Mathematics requirement
    *** The 0301 course number has no UF course equivalent; these courses provide general education credit but may not count toward the major. Students should consult an adviser in their major about whether the 0301 course can count toward the major.

info: AICE-examination-credit-info